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Research Topic Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Topic - Research Paper standardFor the topic that I proposed initially, I can propose the following question question and hypothesis. Research interview What ar the underlying factors why increasing numbers of youth in the inner cities of America ar at risk of dropping out of school? In addition, the following two secondary research questions give form the foundation for this project 1) What programs today argon proving effective at care at-risk students kindle and motivated enough to stay in school through to graduation? 2) What community initiatives need to be developed to encourage local educational institutions identify at-risk students and propose strategies aimed at providing interpellation strategies aimed at keeping young people in school? Hypothesis The at-risk population in America continues to grow because of ever-changing family dynamics and a lack of effective programming options aimed at keeping young people in school. The problem is that high school students around the country are dropping out of school at alarming rates (Bracy, 2006). Society increasingly perceived that public schools are not living up to the expectations and needs of communities across the country. Recent years, therefore, have seen a dramatic increase in the number of intervention strategies and programs designed to keep young people in school. ... erned stakeholders, namely the public at large, sincerely believe that these new initiatives exit provide a much needed spark to the role that education plays in society and, in particular, to the at-risk student population. The purpose of this non-experimental, mixed soft and quantitative research study will be to identify the traits inherent in successful programs targeting at-risk students. The goal will be to specifically gibe which areas are proving effective in terms of keep at-risk students in schools. Existing statistical data will be reviewed, along with personal interviews being conducted, to determine some effective strategies that are currently being employed. The effectiveness or ineffectiveness of such programs and initiatives will be determined through a crew of research and personal interviews. The interviews will be valuable because they will help to support the premise of which programs are succeeding and why. Interviews will also reflect the current climate of the at-risk student population and will help point out the various factors that either contributes to a programs success or failure. An definitive item of note is that interviews and questionnaires will only be conducted with select educators and concerned adults. No student will be contact for participation in this study. It is important to focus on why programs designed for at-risk students are either effective or ineffective. This begins with an examination and understanding of they key characteristics of the at-risk student. That will form the basis for the study. The qualitative data gathered during this study wil l then be used to determine how programs and initiatives can be implemented more effectively in an attempt to help students succeed in high school. If a program

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Bob Knowlton Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Bob Knowlton - Case Study ExampleFrom tniks study it is understandably that Bob should impart been adequately on the watch for the changes within the organization. Jerrold should have had communication with Bob outside of the take a crap setting and possibly identified Bobs emotional problem with fester. Communication betwixt Bob and Jerrold was always centre on work and tasks that limited bobs ability to express his discomfort about Fester to Jerrold.As the discussion stresses it is classical for members of staff to be involved in team building activities. Before Festers arrival, the members of the lab did not have team building activities. Emphasis was put on tasks at the lab, and there was no cohesiveness between the staff. The relationships of the staff do not exist outside of the workplace, and this hinders the interpersonal development between the individuals of the group. As a result, the individuals of the group do not feel empowered, and this is worsened by the arriva l of Fester. The group members feel that Fester is getting preferential treatment by Jerrold. Jerrold, on the other hand, does not efficiently communicate the social function he has planned for Fester, leaving Bob feeling undermined and threatened as the leader of the lab.Jerrolds passive leadership does not adequately prepare members of the lab for a change. Before Festers arrival, Bob feels empowered and a cute member of the lab.Bob was not aware of Festers hiring and is taken by surprise. He was neither informed nor prepared for this change.

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The Subordinate Role of Reason in Hume's Moral Philosophy Essay

The Subordinate fiber of cause in Humes Moral Philosophy - Essay ExampleHume thought that what we perceive become images, and these images or pictures of realness ar manipulated by keen-wittedity. But, there is no manipulating these perceptions without the prior perceptions or thaumaturgists first I shall endeavor to see first, that reason alvirtuoso lav never be a motive to an action of the will and secondly, that it can never oppose passion in the direction of the will Cahn and Markie, Ed., 244. What Hume is arguing, can be described as presenting a very sharp or definite distinction between reason which he calls perfectly impotent when contrasted with the passions Cahn and Markie, Ed., 247. And, unlike the images that can be manipulated by reason, the relationship between the passions and actions is a direct angiotensin converting enzyme or as he phrases it morals excite passions, and produce and prevent actions ... the rules of morality, therefore, be non conclusions of our reason Cahn and Markie, Ed., 247. Most might maintain that reason and the finds have a more connected or inter-twined relationship. It is valuable to stress that reason is only connected to necessary types of truths like mathematical equations. That is, truths that are valid regardless of sense experience. Or, truths that are valid because of the rules themselves reason is the faculty judges of truth and falsehood Cahn and Markie, Ed., 687. One of the effects or consequences of this model is that there are actually no irrational actions. If the actions or the relationship between passions and actions are separate or only interact with each-other rather than reason, then this interaction cannot be said to be one that has any rationality. As is summarized by Cahn and Markie If the only possibility Hume means to be putting frontward here, is the possibility of action based on false belief about causes and effects, we get a odd result ... people never act irrationally Cahn a nd Markie, Ed., 687. They cannot act irrationally, precisely because action in-itself is not a rational thing either in its manifestation as an actual sensible activity or event, and not rational in the sense that it was motivated by an impulse or a sensation. It is the reaction to a sensation. General Statement of the Role of Reason as subordinate to the Senses Thus, for Hume, morality is inseparable from the sentiments or a form of sentimentality. The only attainable source of motivation for Hume, is to satisfy a passion Cahn and Markie, Ed., 685. The role of reason is to evaluate only the rules that are abstracted from sense experience, which means that all human motivation and all human action is one driven by passions. Thus, Hume resolves that problem in his discussion of benevolence and justice by establishing a surmisal of sentiments at the core of moral decisions. Sentiments are measured in terms of the greater pleasure or conversely, the greater harm that results. And, th erefore, a just society is one that functions in harmony with the avoidance of the sensation of pain and the gain of pleasure. Again, it is important to stress that this connection with justice is one that is grounded in sense experience but in any case the reasoning about it to as is the nature of laws. Finally, it is possible to put out front a straight forward example to illustrate the notion of benevolence and justice. Just as a sensation can cause an increase in pleasure, so too with

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Art History - Atlantis in Dubai, UAE Research Paper

Art Hi fable - Atlantis in Dubai, UAE - question Paper ExampleHotel Atlantis is basically ocean themed and a major consideration in its design was to bring in visitors and guests in the hotel a feel of being under the ocean.Second theme on its design is that of a ruined and lost metropolis below the sea, after the Atlantis. It is named after this mystical lost city. As a result, it is a rich source of ancient history, dating back to the 9600 BC although it is argued to be around 900 BC by a school of thought who thought that Plate was mistaken in his representations as to the dates that the city existed (Kleiner 112). The location of the mythical islands is as well a matter of contention, with one school of thought claiming it is in the Atlantic while a majority believes that it is in the Mediterranean Sea. However, in our case, the hotel is located in the palm Jumeirah, an island in the artificial palm island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel was designed to capture the A tlantis culture, the Arabic culture and give an subaqueous concept.It is a marvelous piece of architecture, rich in art, in the paintings, carvings and top notch murals. The hotel is owned by Kerzner holdings and Istithmar Company. Its design is hugely borrowed from the Atlantis Resort in Bahamas, another chain of Kerzner Holdings. The hotel opened in 2008, one class after it was started construction in 2007. Many consider this hotel as the trademark of the Jumeirah islands, an icon hotel in Dubai and also double as one of the most expensive hotels in the world (Kleiner 45).The Atlantis palm sits on more(prenominal) than one hundred and ten acres and includes one thousand five hundred and thirty rooms. As mentioned earlier, its design is strongly influenced by the Atlantis Paradise in the Bahamas. It was inspired by Sol Kerzner, who had envisioned constructing a hotel modeled on the Atlantis, a well-known mythical lost city. There is a long story behind the origins of this myth,

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Healthy diet Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Healthy regimen - Article ExampleThe article advice that we should insist on taking whole whits by checking on such(prenominal) labels put on the ingredients of our food products. This is a healthy way to eat because a whole grain gives the body enough fiber, which is good for digestion purposes (Grosvenor & Smolin, 2012).It is alike imperative that we increase our intake of fruits and vegetables in order to curb a healthy viands. These fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and carbohydrates respectively, nutrients that are essential for the normal carrying into action of the body. Some of the recommended fruits and vegetables include beans, which come in different kinds, such as chickpeas, kidney beans, and black beans because of their high step in fiber and starch as compared to other vegetables. Another recommendation of fruits in our diets includes bananas, oats, and berries added to cereals as desserts. This also incorporates piling many vegetables on every sandwich that one takes, as well as, having at least(prenominal) two vegetables at dinnertime. These vegetables work well in both refining the digestive system by inclusion of fiber in the diet, in addition to providing the body with the required nutrients for energy, building, and protection. This diet enables an individual to hold open a healthy living (Grosvenor & Smolin, 2012).Another precaution to take while observing a diet is the content of sugar intake into our bodies. Too many sugars in the body are risky, as they may cause a rise in blood sugar, hence result in complications such as blood pressure and diabetes. As such, a keen watch on the level of sugar intake is paramount in our dietary consumptions, such as a reduction to a 12-oz bottle of easy drink from a 20-oz one, or substituting such a drink altogether with low-fat milk or a glass of water. It is also advisable to watch the amount of sugar used while baking, with the recommended levels cosmos one-quarter glas s less of sugar. Instead of a candy bar,

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Economy and History Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Economy and History Questions - Essay good exampleAs a president, this is certainly something that would require intense wisdom and counseling, knowing the gravity of its impact on humanity in general. I would most probably hold back several times and distinguish other moral measures instead to negotiate with the enemy more rationally as I theorise on the long-term effects bombing would incur upon my countrymen who run the risk of suffering the vengeance of my enemies. If the last mentioned decide to form allies with other nations in great power that might act and answer with conspiracy to paralyze my economy and cause anxiety at threatening my people is another looking I suppose I need to take into significant consideration. Economy Considering all the options John Powell had in mind and the attitude of looking forward to his retirement and being consistent with his basic objective which is merely to meet the financial concerns of his family with adequacy, it would be wise to reevaluate the options and priorities with fresh insights from his children. Since Powells sons have had experience in PLI operations for more than two decades, they might have gained ample confidence and knowledge to determine factors that shanghai the growth of the company as well as how to manipulate variables in direct association to stinting trend to the optimum in seeking direction that leads to remedies and recovery to generating improved revenues for the company.

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Individual Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Individual accounting - Essay ExampleThe article focuses on the importance of an organizations workforce in merchandise strategy. The author touches on general selling ideals covered by great authors such as Kotler and Levitt and builds upon them with telling to the human resources of an organization. In the academic context, the article is a practical approach to internal marketing and covers the concept of including the 5th P in the marketing mix. From an industrial context, the theoretical concepts covered stress the implementation of these concepts in the industry. The author reiterates the importance of refraining from platitudes and instilling the value of employees with regards to customer service at all levels of the organization. From a scholarly point of view, the article builds on attempts to include people power by authors such as Parkinson (1988), gain et al. (1993), Rafiq and Ahmed (2000) and Judd himself in 1987 and 2001. The difference between this article and o thers is that it focuses on people power as an integral vocalization of the marketing mix over all sectors in an economy whereas other articles focused on its theatrical role in specific industries or the importance of employees in internal marketing.An organization needs customers to survive and be profitable and customers are looking for value. Marketing persuades the customer that value is to be found in a specific organizations product or service thus an organization has two principal(prenominal) marketing objectives which are to satisfy customers and to provide customers with a differentiated product that holds value for them. An introduction of marketing mix in the article explains that it is the combination of price, promotion, placement and most importantly product that an organization develops to entice and satisfy customers. The marketing mix elements must provide an offering that holds value for customers and substantially differentiates the offering from competitors. gibe to Levitt (1986), marketing is basically

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Anthropology Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Anthropology Final Exam - Essay ExampleHumor is used in both level of society, in every country in the world. It may be seen as a stratagem to garner the interest or desire of other people, namely women, as it is often quoted as cosmos a prerequisite for a man to make a woman caper. According to the website www.makewomenlaugh.org (2010), humor is the discover to attracting women. It is seen as a huge role taker in life in attraction in confrontation as well as relationships. Humor begets laughter, begets attraction and so on. Men who can make women laugh are irresistible (www.makewomenlaugh.org, 2010). In a study performed by Martin & antique, (1996), they sought to prove that humor energy non be appreciated without a boost from audience laughter in situation comedies. Martin & Gray state in their hypothesis that unfeignedly droll material would be shown to the test group, with the existence of audience laughter will increase the natural occurrence of laughter of the ind ividual. Although published in a celebrated periodical, I believe that Martin & Gray are right in this hypothesis, which they later proved. However, what may be genuinely funny material to one(a) person may be dry, boring and dull to another. Humor is not something that can be categorized into any single section. Although similar to the aforementioned comparison of beauty, what is funny to one may be offensive to another. Therefore, it appears that the influence of the masses is what makes a mass produced bit of material funny or not. This closes many doors to those who find humor in otherwise unfunny circumstances. When it comes to humor, I completely lose taking the First Amendment as it is written. There are no exceptions needed to employ it in regards to humor. We were disposed(p) the protected right of freedom of terminology, regardless of whether one person or millions agree or disagree. It is no contrastive than watching a television program, which is known by the popul ar masses to be funny, tour others see no humor in it whatever. If you do not like what you are watching or hearing, change the channel or walk away. It is that simple. We as humans do that every single day, in the grocery store, at work or at home. If we do not like it, we can either do something to try changing it or walking away from it. If our attempts at changing the circumstance we do not like fail, we still have the option of protecting ourselves from it by ignoring it. The right to the freedom of speech was granted us by our Founding Fathers and by God Himself, in His provision of free will. We as humans should be afforded this right at any cost, as the right to speak freely is as important as the right to walk down the street of our neighborhood or use the comfort station as we need. It may offend some or make others cry with laughter, but it is a resistance that we were first given by God and was reiterated into law by our Founding Fathers. It often appears that women f ind different types of humor less funny than others do, while men see things differently. Women tend not to engage in public rituals of humor with the result of embarrassment or insult. Men seem to have the market command on this. Men more typically employ verbal duels, ritual insults, practical jokes, pranks, slapstick, institutionalized caper and institutionalized joking, whereas women generally focus on the activities and appearance of the men in

Produce a reflective report on your skills as a researcher Essay

Produce a reflective report on your skills as a look intoer - Essay Example42). Hence, the business environment today is more than ever in the need for astute investigateers who could churn out new ideas and solutions governing the production, supply and marketing of services and goods. In that context I view that though I am in the possession of some of the large research skill, still there are areas where I need to add on to graduate to cosmos a researcher with the apt skills and integrity. Before delving on my research skills, I do intend to avouch my ardent belief that in the coming times, the managers who hand over the greater capacity and skills to engage in research and who have the capacity to come out with required information associated with business problems, do stand to have a better chance to secure a beneficial and meaningful career (Dugarm 2009, p. 17). I believe that in the contemporary information age, the ranks of the middle level managers will positively sh rink in the institutions and organizations in the favour of those professionals who happen to be good researchers (Abram 2012, p. 30). In the light of this conviction I intend to work hard on my research skills. When it comes to the purpose backing every research endeavour, I believe that it is in the beginning about the advancement of knowledge (Bell 2005, p. 100). So it is my belief that as a research scholar I believe in using research procedures and logic to come out with answers and conclusions in a virtually organized and methodical manner. Certainly, one can facilitate answers through trial and error however such an approach eventually turns out to be erroneous and costly (Daymon & Holloway 2002, p. 128). In that sense I mean I do have the capacity to put together the different concepts and to logically and methodically envision them in the light of the new findings, in a manner that is very organized and effective. In any research initiative, it is imperative to place t he ongoing research in the context of the situations and circumstances governing it. Since, I am a student of business, I feel comfortable to say that courtesy my academic background, and I have developed a fair idea as to the paradigms governing the research in the guinea pig of business. I believe that research in business is mostly applied in the sense that it aims to figure out the practical problems (Rugman & brewer 2007). Besides, business research is bound by cost constraints, as it is conducted for profit aims (Rugman & brewer 2007). Also, business research is bound by deadlines as it is conducted to solve problems in real time (Rugman & Brewer 2007). Above all, business research is most of the times subject to an environment in which the situations, circumstances and preferences stir very fast (Rugman & Brewer 2007). So, I intend to evaluate and gain on my research skills in the light of the above mentioned characteristics of business research. As a research scholar I ha ve exhausted considerable time honing my secondary research skills. To put it in a few words, secondary research is primarily about seeking solutions in already existent publications (Rugg & Petre 2007, p. 32). I give so more relevance and importance to secondary research because it not only helps the duplication of ideas and efforts, but also helps work out the salient research questions in a manner that supports further uncomplicated research (Rugg & Petre 2007). Hence, to me secondary and primary research is the two sides of

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Critically Acclaimed Supreme Court Cases Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Critically Acclaimed Supreme Court Cases - Essay ExampleOne of the most life-sustainingly acclaimed Supreme Court cases, that supported the rights of citizens against unwarranted searches, a right is given to citizens by the 14th Amendment. This matter initiated as a New Jersey student was found smoking in the bathroom. When caught, the student refrained from confessing and so her locker was unlawfully searched and arrested by the principle. Yet, the students 4th Amendment rights were exploited. The question remained, do students have the aforesaid(prenominal) 4th Amendment rights as other citizens? Does the school, a government institute has to follow the idea of reasonable and probable cause? The school administrators insisted that the students violated the school code and have extensive power to discipline the send of any student who breaches the code. The defense side of T.L.O argued that administrators cannot act as parents and our employees. Hence, they cannot breach the privacy and must admire students rights. In a heated debate, the court favored the student by stating that schools must be stimulate to follow the 4th amendment and are limited by the Constitution. Yet, the rights of young students are not the same as adults. The school can initiate searches except must have solid evidence to rationalize their cause. This is critical as many students are not susceptible to random locker checks as it would violate their rights. It protects the students of their privacy, but at the same time gives them some leeway to engage in illegal activity.

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Response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 17

Response - Assignment ExamplePhotographers influence the relationship of humans and nature. For instance, it is easy to explain and provide compelling evidence such as the effectuate of climate change through a photograph. Photography presents new and uncharted environments, and for that reason, a photographer require adequate preparation for any environment.Evidently, picture taking goes beyond the concept of a business or a profit-making endeavor. It involves a passion of capturing the moment at the right time and identifying the audience. Through a photograph, humans crowd out predict the next course of action (National Geographic 1). Several photographs have changed human perception towards their activities in the world. A perfect example is the picture that captured vulture standing next to a starving tike in Ethiopia started a worldwide campaign on famine that ravaged the country in the 1980s. slice other forms of capturing a moment, such as videos, may exaggerate an issu e, photography presents an honest representation of the experience. Clearly, photography is life changing and makes people care. It is a powerful means of representation that changes human emotions. Through owing(p) photography, one can understand other communities and their time, and create an open-minded society. Happiness and tragedy all repair human existence, and it is beneficial if photographers capture such events in an honest manner.Undoubtedly, the National Geographic photographers present an crucial point on the nature of interrelations in the present society. While the society largely believes that humans do not care about others or the environment, the video confirms that they do actually care. Photographs have a liaison to human emotions in a powerful manner that can change the perception of humans to the society. They plug in people through a universal language that forces one to care about their

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Explain the role that formal and informal groups play in organizations Essay

Explain the role that formal and informal congregations mash in organizations - Essay ExampleA work group comprises of two or more employees working with each other and depending on each other in the decision-making process. There is no collective effort. each group member has his own capabilities and performance level and every member contributes in the decision-making so that wholly members excel in their relevant areas of performance. A work team makes collective effort and the end moment is more productive than all efforts combined. This advantage is what many organizations are striving for by implementing work teams contempt the fact that team management costs much. That is why during a candidates selection process, it is considered whether the individual(a) is able to work in teams or not. A formal group when managed by a autobus or a supervisor brings out high level of productivity because the level of professionalism is high. An informal group enhances this productivi ty through the bondage of friendship and interpersonal association between the employees (Martin & Fellens, 2010, p.252). Thus, work teams and work groups range to be very effective for the contemporary business in the long run, if managed properly.

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Challenges in the Global Business Enviornment Research Paper

Challenges in the Global Business Enviornment - Research Paper ExampleThe look for bequeath focus on the AT&T reckon of ethics. The details will be retrieved from the companys website. This jurisprudence of ethic will be compared to other competing pie-eyeds. The research will map Verizon and Sprint as the both competitors. The information will be retrieved from the ii companies website. The competitiveness of each code of ethic will be used in establishing the merits and demerits of AT&T own code of ethical conduct. Information from the three firms will be examined, and recordings made based on the structures and reputations of the code of ethical conduct. The information on AT&T code of ethical conduct will be examined with respect to their efforts to adapt to changing technologies and innovation nature of the surroundings. The challenges associated with the code of ethics will be examined and proposal made based on the efforts by the two competing firms. Global citizensh ip efforts by AT & T will be examined, and information recorded.AT & T has its code of ethical conduct drafted and focused on honest, which entails observing rules set by different organizations under which the firm operates ( AT&T Inc, 2014). These entails maintaining a given standards that will enhance the companys advantage while competing in a global environment. The code of ethical conduct at the firm entails defining personal interests and separating it from the companys interest. The aim is to subjugate conflict of interest associated that could rise from the employees interaction with the external environment. Other issues at the firms ethical conduct hold compliance and disclosure, which are aimed at maintaining a specific standard and working based on worldwide requirements.Sprints code of ethical conduct entails a friendly working environment that promotes innovation and technology use among its internal and external environments (Sprint, 2013). The ethics code also de fines requirements by each member of the internal environment while

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Chikungunya in French Guiana (South America) Research Proposal

Chikungunya in cut Guiana (South America) - Research proposal ExampleBeing formed by people with different origins, there has been tension between its inhabitants specially ethnically based violence, a factor that has since provokeled political instability in the country. Notably, until 1990s, the country had more than its 80% industries owned by the state and due to their mismanagement, they experienced falling commodity prices coupled with high fuel costs. These factors led the country into serious economic problems.According to the world macrocosm prospects of 2010, French Guianas population as per the same course of instruction was at 754,000 (Frank, 2013). This figure shows that the population increased from the 1950s census when it was at 407,000. In the 2010 population statistics, person under the age of 15 were 33.6%, persons between 15 and 65 year of age were at 62.1%, while persons of the age of 65 and older were at 4.3% (Frank, 2013). Therefore, since there is no up -to-date census than the 2010, it is apparent that there are very few older person in French Guiana compared to other ages (Frank, 2013). This fact may be attributed to vulnerability of alder people to diseases. Therefore, the main aim of this try on is to examine the effects of Chikungunya among elderly persons in French Guiana. Factually, the Chikungunya affects everyone but adults are highly vulnerable therefore, the screen sort to determine if it could contribute the low percentage of elderly person above the age of 65 years in French Guiana and if by what percentage has it contributed to this low percentage of 4.3%. The statistics that will help in this study will be retrieved from government and non-governmental health records.Virus transmitted through mosquitoes infected by Aedesaegypti causes Chikungunya. Chikungunya was first detected in 1952 in Tanzania from which it spread in other countries in Africa and Asia with current detections in Europe. Chikungunya has currently affected millions of

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Federal emergency management agency (FEMA) Term Paper

Federal essential management agency (FEMA) - Term Paper ExampleThe FEMA in addition secures state and local governments with the resources and the expertise in specific areas where help is needed (FEMA, 2012a). They too provide money for rebuilding and release funds for infrastructure relief by allowing affected individuals to secure low evoke loans. This agency also secures funds for the training of collar response personnel within the US and some other territories (FEMA, 2012a). The FEMAs mission is to support citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work unitedly to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards (FEMA, 2012b). The goals of the FEMA include the proviso of communities for emergencies. In effect, it secures resources to improve the capacity of federal, state, and local government agencies in order to secure best coif and secure grants for local communities (Mal colm, 2012). Another goal of the FEMA is to mitigate the damage caused by disasters. These mitigation goals come well-nigh before and after disasters occur this is when risk management is carried out before disasters and grants are offered for affected individuals in order to mitigate the impact of such disasters (Malcolm, 2012). Another goal is to protect communities from external threats and more evidentially to respond to disasters and emergencies. Supporting recovery in communities impacted by disaster is also a significant goal for the FEMA (Malcolm, 2012). The objectives of this organization include the securing the participation of agency employees for the renewal process emphasizing mitigation as a means of reducing the risks to people, property and communities of disasters securing a culture of assistance among citizens by ensuring internal emergency management partnerships establishing an all-hazards resource in emergency management maintaining close relationships with f ederal agencies in most areas of emergency management establishing flexibility in the state and local emergency management programs securing a quick and legal administration in assistance claims and establishing means by which the efficacy of the FEMA programs can be assessed (FEMA, 2012c). The structure of the FEMA leading is primarily lodged with the President of the United States from whom main orders for the mobilization of the organization resides (FEMA, 2012d). The FEMA is headed by an administrator, assisted by a deputy administrator and the chief of staff. Staff members would include the directors for the following offices Executive Secretariat, and the Office of the issue consultive Council. The Chief Counsel would also form part of the administrative staff, including the senior advisor to the Secretary for want Management and the Deputy Administrator of the office for Protection and National Preparedness (FEMA, 2012d). Under the Protection and National Preparedness of fice are the following assistant directors in specific areas national preparedness, grant programs, national continuity programs, and the Office of National Capital Region Coordination. The Administrator for the US Fire Administration would also form an office under the FEMA administration (FEMA, 2012d). An associate administrator for t

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Business Analyst vs. Financial Analyst Essay Example for Free

dividing line analyst vs. Financial Analyst EssayAnalyst is an essential job in our society. They make analyses to overhaul passel solve verboten problems, and point out a positive way to solve problems. Analysts almost hope in every different professional area, such as political analyst, military analyst, and economic analyst. They outline all randomness with their professional dealledge, and wherefore translate a certain language which everybody can pick up easily. For example, social analyst can use their knowledge to consider current social problems and provide a useful psychoanalysis to government or city hall. Then, people can say what happen to their society. Therefore, analyst is a necessary job for our society.For strain corporations and companies, there are two important analysts for them. They are line of line of products and pecuniary analysts. Many people, including employers and employees, dont know what these two analysts are exactly, and what different between them. However, they do exist, and they do help a corporation or social club become more efficient and profitable. In other words, they work out important roles in business activities. In general term, business and fiscal analysts have different translation for their position, different working area, and different training path, but they have the same goalto help users have go against business condition.According to Julia Scholz, who is a successful business analyst, she said a business analyst is kindred a road trip planner, helping people plan their map and route (P.1). She says, a BA will help a user determine their wants, focus on a destination or desired outcome, outline possible maps of how to get there (P.1). Simply, business analyst is a communicator or adapter to translate what employer wants to their employee. They gather all information from boss, employee, and external world, and plan an efficient way to earn their goal. It is non easy to be a slap-up business analyst. Scholz lists some steps that her term and she do workaday to help successful project1.Listen to the users the most important task for business analyst is findout users demand. What do users desire for? What kind of outcome do they ask for? In what way they hope to achieve their goal? And some suggestion to their employee to improve whole ships corporations operation. These things are important for business analyst qualification analysis.2.Document when a business analyst listens to their users, they need to record and write down all they get from users. They may use figurer or recorder to record users words. Then when analysts do analysis, they can use this information quickly and easily.3.Gather information a good analyst likewise needs to do some outside research to determine all possible ways to achieve goal. They need to know current business situation and economic trend because outside activities would affect their analysis and strategy.4.Trans late and analyze it is the key part for a BA. According to Scholz, a good analyst should be able to listen to the users, analyze their requests, document the requests and then draw these requests to the development group in a way that the development group can understand (P.3). Most employers dont have chance to speak to employees directly. So the business analyst plays a channel to communicate both employers and employees, and to coordinate both side to achieve final goal. So the job of business analysts is non only make analysis but also communicating requests to each side.In conclusion, Scholz states that, BA is alike a translator, able to communication in a users language and a developers language (P.3). So a business analyst should have good communication skill in order to translate users requests to create department. A BA also may be involved in these area Data Warehouse, E-Commerce Development, sensitive application Development, New Business Development, Software Packa ge Selection, Software Package Customization, Business Process return (B2Ttraining program P.1). A BA needs to have certain knowledge of these areas to be able analyze all business event and situation.Financial analysts are very similar to business analysts. Financial analystsalso need to gather information and makes analysis. They also help a corporation or company makes more benefits and profits. However, financial analysts work in different aspect and way to achieve users goal. Generally speaking, their goal is to increase the value of the company. They are just like a doctor. They examine the whole financial condition of a corporation or company, and figure out the virus (bad strategy or financial policy). Then making a good description to improve bad things (making better financial condition). The information that a financial analyst needs to know is like working capital, account payable turnover, and EPS. A FA needs to know the potential of a company and forecasts the financ ial needs of the company.In advance, FA can make a ready financial plan to the company. Compare to business analysts, financial analysts consider more about the value of company stock. So when they make financial analysis, they will put market value and stock price at the first place. Financial analysts also require communication and computer skill. They sometimes need to present their analysis in front of the chiefs of all departments, and they also need to operate some accounting software to figure out the value of the company. Totally, the job of financial analysts is to examine the financial system of the company, analyze both good and bad side, gather outside financial situation, and make a forecasting financial plan. Similar to business analysts, they try to help a company operate more efficient and profitable.In fact, business and financial analysts are very similar. They both gather information from inside and outside the company. They both make analysis form the informatio n, and help users to improve users business condition or business competence. They both use computer to help them achieve their tasks. However, they have different aspects to make their analysis. One is emphasizes on whole system of the company and plan a good road to achieve users requests another is emphasizes on the financial condition of the company and make forecasting financial plan. Generally, they have different ways but the same goal.Reference1.Scholz, Julia. What do you analyze? One Analysts Viewhttp//www.google.com/search?q=cacheJRtp_0y5V4kwww.businessanalyst.com/BusinessAnalyst.htm+business+analysthl=zh-TW 2001/10/102.B2T training. What is a Business Analyst? http//www.b2ttraining.com/BAwhat.htm 2001/10/10.3.Ross, Stephen A. Fundamentals of Corporate Financial. Toronto McGraw_hill Ryerson 1999. P. 8-10.

US Intervention in Somalia, 1992 Essay Example for Free

US Intervention in Somalia, 1992 EssayThe 1992-1993 handling of the US forces, with UN authorization, in the fractured country of Somalia is a complex issue non just in terms of Somalian domestic politics, but too the constellation of foreign entanglements that were involved in this strategic part of the world. This brief essay will plan of attack to answer some key questions about the conflict itself, the American role and the diplomatic and power struggles internation whollyy, specially given the strategic location of Somalia on the Indian Ocean trade routes and the directling reside in the mouth of the personnel casualty sea. The conflict itself is rather straightfor struggled. The dictatorship of Said Barre was an eccentric one, since he attempted to heighten the Moslem stool with that of Marxian socialism. simply Barre, in this tribally fractured society, found himself at loggerheads with the powerful Hawiye tribe, as sanitary up as certain Islamic particular ions operating deep down the country, eveningtually to develop the Somali National Alliance (SNA), which, for minds to be described below, became the main derriere of the American wrath.Concerning the basic structure of the conflict utilise the typology of Kriesberg, his concern for interests and determine is very important, since the basic struggle, outside of its tribal basis, was one of independence from the west. If the SNA were to be victorious, than the US might well be shut out of this strategic bea, and a hostile power would come into play, just when the US had helped oust the hated Marxist dictator in Ethiopia, Mengistu Hailie Maram. It is the contention of this writer that this specific reason chthonianlies the consummate US intervention in 1992-1993.But apart from interests and values, it seems that the Civil War in Somalia was a zero-sum battle, in that the Islamic movement had a very different agenda than the pro-Ethiopian movement. The victory of one meant the automatic sack for the other. The organizations themselves were twain tribal and ideological, centering around the destiny of Somalia relative to the Arab-Israeli conflict, w here(predicate) the Muslims rejected the US presence in support of Israeli interests and the pro-western side sought to use Ethiopia to eliminate the Islamic movement of General Farah Adeed.Hence, in Kriesbergs terms, these organizations were basically bi-focal, with two mutually exclusive agendas that eventually, in 1993, permitted the US government to hold that the Islamic movement is the great threat to Somalia (cf Kreisbergs typology, 2006, 7-14). Now, the basic issues in the conflict concern, first of all, the actors themselves. After the disgraceful war with Ethiopia in the late 1980s, the Barre regime in Somalia tottered, and eventually was overthrown by an military organization, backed generally by the Hawaye tribe, the United Somali Congress (USC).They overthrew Barre, but were incapable of managi ng the post-war world. Hence, the development of the Civil War and the rhytidectomy of Addids SNA. The CIA maintained a study post in Kenya, and the US maintained a publicise motif in Ethiopia where spy planes can traverse the Middle East (Griswold, 2007). After the overthrow of the communist DERG demesne in Ethiopia in 1991, the western backed government intervened regularly in the conflict within the US frame of reference. Hence, it seems that the American approach was to either restore Barre in power or wee-wee a coalition of anti-Adeed forces (preferably led by militia leader Ali Mahdi (US regular army, 10).None of this subject areaed, and Adeed seemed to emerge from the conflict victorious, as he played upon the anti-colonialist struggle against the United States and successfully engendered hatred against the US (Kaemph, 2007). Therefore, in general, the Somali war pitted Adeeds forces against some(prenominal) the Ethiopians and the United States. In addition, the stat e of Eritrea was alike involved, and received both Israeli and American backing from its independence against he former communist government of Ethiopia.Hence, the Eritreans were used against the Adeed government and the state itself became a base for the anti-Islamic movement. Eritrea was very useful for the United States and Israel (who certainly had an interest in the Red Sea being open to western trade), since they fought with the Islamic government of Sudan, and became a part of the peace-keeping efforts of the US in that country, also with the ultimate purpose to eliminate the influence of the anti-US and anti-Israeli Islamic movement.Hence, the causes of the conflict and the American intervention are twist within the functioning of the actors themselves within an international context. To put it simply the US, the UN and Israel supported Ethiopia and Eritrea (though these two have fought in the past), as well as what was left of the Barre regime. Barre himself had offered s everal oil concessions to American oil firms not to pine before his overthrow, and hence, the major oil firms and the US government had an interest in his movement, discredited thought it was (Kretzman, 2003).The major purpose was to keep any coalition that could be formed by Adeed and the anti-US forces under both a nationalist and Islamic banner. The US Army holds in its official account of the war that psychological operations (PSYOPS) were the order of the day in the Somali countryside. This ominous methodology is not elaborated upon in the Armys description of events (US Army, pub 70-81-1, p 10). At the same time, the CIA was providing the basic logistical support for the intervention out of Kenya. Given this background, the major issues that motivated the American intervention might be reduced to four.First, the control of any oil found in Somalia and, more importantly, the massive oil reserves of Sudan. The two conflicts are very similar in that both Omar Bashir and Adeed a re anti-US and anti-Israel, and are fighting for a country that has at least some oil reserves that can be exploited. Secondly, both the US and Israel have an interest in keeping Islamic movements out of power in this strategic area, since such movements may well join with Iran and Russia against American oil interest in the area.Third, to maintain a secular and pro-western state in both Ethiopia and Eritrea. Fourth, to keep friendly powers in charge of Somalia in order to keep both the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean free of hostile powers, since major shipping goes though these areas, and importantly, oil shipping. But similarly, this is all based on a certain geography Somalia is highly strategic for the above reasonsthis east horn of Africa sits upon oil and major shipping lanes that cannot drop cloth to hostile powers.But the area of the US intervention, it should be noted, only developed in the extreme south and west of the country, not accidentally the area bordering Kenya, wh ere the CIA maintains a large base and listening post (Griswold, 2007). The US, as part of its PSYOP mentality, hit the radio post belonging to Adeed, as well as attemptingunsuccessfullyto harm his infrastructure. The reality of the situation is, in the funny house of the war, the Islamic movement of Adeed developed his own social services and social infrastructure, not unlike Hamas in Palestine.To destroy this became the main purpose of the 1992-1993 intervention and largely dictated the popular hostility of the masses to American intervention. Adeed successfully created his own anti-PSYOP mentality by holding the Islamic faith and using nationalist ideas to pull together the country to his cause. Hence, the nonsense about feeding the starving masses should not even be interpreted seriously, since the only man who successfully rebuilt at least a modicum of social services became the main target of US attacks (Kaemph, 2007). Hence, several things can be said in conclusion.First, oil is an important issue here, both in Sudan and Somalia. This is one of the most important motivating influences behind the intervention in 1992. But this oil is not sitting in the ground, it is being shipped worldwide, and hence, the Indian Ocean routes near Africa and the Red Sea both need to be kept open, and hence, Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia are primordial actors here. Second, the Eritreans were encouraged in their independence drive under the communist DERG state in Ethiopia by both the US and Israel so as to maintain a pro-western state in that location.Eritrea hence, sought to support the US in the conflict with the purpose of maintaining its independence and legitimacy. The Islamic forces in Sudan and the SNA wanted an Islamic and nationalist state to fight the west and the Israelis. For the US, this was unacceptable and might be the central issue in the entire American mentality of the time. The reality is that Adeed wonand he won using anti-colonial rhetoric that sa w the US as invaders, not interveners. Third, the American PSYOP organization, with CIA backing fizzled.They failed to convince the existence that the US was their friend. The very fact that Adeeds own infrastructure was attacked proved to most that the US was there for the sake of realpolitik, not humanitarian aid, a rather silly official story from chapiter, given the strategic character of the area. Since PSYOPS are little more than brainwashing, Adeed certainly seems to have the moral high ground herehe had the money and the power, as well as the support and military training to make his movement work.Insofar as Kriesbergs organization typology (cf pg 12), the reason for the American intervention is that it seemed that Adeeds forces could not be beaten. His main opponent, and a recipient of US money, Mahdi, had no real military training and was no taking into custody for Adeed (US Army, 10). The former forces of Barre were also fractured and demoralized, and hence, to keep Ad eed out of power, intervention was necessary. But what remains central is that the official reason for the American involvement was not only false, but laughable.Not even an armchair analysis could hold that humanism was the central issue when which globally strategic issues were at stake. An Islamic government in Sudan and Somalia could spell sentence for the American interest in the shipping lanes of the area, and might well serve to harm the states of Ethiopia or Eritrea. Israels interest were also central, since the US presence in northeastern Africa is substantial and is a major base for operations against he enemies of the Israeli state such as Iraq (formerly) and Iran, not to mention Sudan or even Libya.The US, in short, appeared as an amoral colonial invader against the genuinely popular Adeed forces. Ultimately, the Somalia failure proved the problematic nature of American post-Cold War foreign policy. First, her official rationale made little sense. Second, the simple bat tle for American interests will not win the US forces respect throughout the world (Allard, 1995). The nations of the world will work out their own problems without CIA meddling, which only rarely provides a lasting solution (though few could doubt that the fall of Mengistu in Ethiopia was not a good thing).But lastly, what seems to come out of the Somalia failure is the simple fact that the US drive for global empire is doomed to fail, and what should come out of the decay of the bi-polar world is not a uni-polar world or even an multi-lateral one, but the simple concept of self determination for all the nations and peoples of the world according to their own lights, not dictates from Brussels, New York or Washington.BibliographyAllard, K.. (2005) Somalia Operations Lessons Learned. Washington National Defense Griswold, Diedre (Jan 7, 2007) Why Somalia has no National State. Workers World. http//www. workers. org/2007/world/somalia-0111/ (This is a communist publication that should be taken with a grain of salt but it does have some interesting observations about the CIAs role in the area, as well as Israels) Kriesberg, L. (2006). Constructive Conflicts. Rowman and Littlefield. Kretzman, Steve (2003). Oil Security, War and the Geopolitics of United States capability Planning. Multinational Monitor, Jan/Feb. (http//www. thirdworldtraveler. com/Oil_watch/Oil_Security_War. html) United States Army (nd). The US Army in Somalia. CHM Publication 70-81-1

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Zaras Fast Fashion Essay Example for Free

Zaras troubled Fashion EssayAbsrtactThis paper was written for the purpose of researching and illustrating unfaltering means strategies which include strategic integrated contribute chain, manufacturing and sourcing methods. Fast fashion is explained as a system that involves much than mince everyplace operations and customer strategic behavior by employ the combined benefits of both the active response yield capabilities or short production and dispersion jot times, which minimizes headway items by finding much reasonable balances between supply and demand, and the deepen product flesh capabilities or super fashionable product designs, which plays homage to customer values. This paper to a fault analyzes methods used by unshakable fashion take uper, the Spanish, Inditex owned Zara. A closer look at Zaras supply chain, market responsiveness, tractability, technology, pricing and cost strategies and methods be examined and compared to other fast fashion reta il merchants that can appropriately be deemed as competition for Zara. Also, globalisation and other operational strategies are discussed that altogether come together to show the remarkable success of the Spanish company.When thinking of the term fast fashion, one may think of the change in fashion trends and how quickly certain styles can be deemed as in, and the next second, those same styles are no longer looked at as having any resemblance of being fashionable. That would be the definition of a trend or madness in itself an intense but short-lived fashion craze (Dictionary.com 2012) . However, the phrase fast fashion refers to low-cost clothing collections that mimic current luxury fashion trends (Joy, Sherry, Venkatesh, Wang, Chan, 2012) . It is a system that enables young, trendy customers to quickly cause and keep up with the ever changing a la mode(p) fashions and trends from the runway, celebrity styles and other trendy inspirations for reasonable termss.Fast fashio n is a system that involves more see over customer strategic behavior by using the combined benefits of both the quick response production capabilities or short production and distribution lead times, which minimizes clearance items by finding more reasonable balances between supply and demand, and the enhanced product design capabilities or highly fashionable product designs, which plays homage to customer values, which in-turn persuades customers to purchase broad priced items rather than shopping around or waiting for items to go on-sale (Cachon Swinney, 2011, p. 778) .Globalization, Manufacturing and Sourcing Strategies for Fast Fashion FirmsAccording to Mihm (2010) , supply chain, market responsiveness, flexibility, technology, pricing and mash be are all(prenominal) agents in globalisation and manufacturing and sourcing strategies. For instance, firms that are principally have-to doe with with pop outsourcing and other third parties have less(prenominal) overlook of their supply chain and hands control to those third parties. On the other hand, firms that predominantly sell their own brands and designs are by and large more vertically integrated and have minimal involvement with third parties. These firms can have control over all aspects of their supply chain and are also capable of controlling their sourcing. Fast fashion firms are generally vertically integrated. Mihm (2010) also avers that fast fashion and market responsiveness seem to be inseparable and stresses the vastness of supplying correct quantities in order to support demand for severally individual butt in. In name of fast fashion, market responsiveness refers to the zip of responding to consumer demand and accurately distributing and supplying appropriate quantities and styles in each store at the right times (p. 56) .Firms can achieve this by research and development (R D), technology, and forecasting. R D normally is in charge of coming up with new products and tri ggers and an alternative to research is fictitious or copying outside products and ideas (Meredith Shafer, 2010) . The imitations dodge is one that mirrors the strategies of fast fashion firms in that ideas and designs for new deal often come from runway designs, celebrity fashions and customer input and ideas. Furthermore, fast fashion firms often chuck up the sponge individual stores and locations to have control over store merchandise by using a institutionalise system rather than a push system. The pull system uses the just-in-time (JIT) concept mentioned by Meredith Shafer (2010) . The JIT system lowers lead times and merchandise orders by allowing quick and instant deliveries of exact order quantities, which eradicates having over stock and the make for safety stocks (p. 258) .With many fast fashion firms implementing major globalization initiatives, technology is a hear factor in communication, efficient logistics, and note success. Information technology (IT) system s provide the ability to collect and share authorised information, such as trends, orders, production and shipping data, using constant transfer and communication passim the entire supply chain. IT systems help mitigate real-time communication from consumers to store farers to market specialists and designers, to suppliers and to manufacturing and production facilities, then(prenominal) to distributors, and back to stores and the customers (Mihm, 2010, p. 56) . Moreover, IT systems product lifecycle management (PLM) software, and sourcing programs can keep track of all sourcing and development activities and are intentional to react to and handle change and conflict, which helps with flexible suppliers and positively effects production.These technologies speeds up production time, placing communication and processes in real time and allows an ease to the supply chain (Speer, 2006) . Mihm (2010) states that firms in the fashion industry use a technology known as computer-aided d esign (CAD), which includes laser cutting machines and automated sewing machines that ultimately eliminates lazy fabric and cuts production time allowing companies to be more efficient by saving time and money. another(prenominal) way fast fashion firms make use of flexibility also includes changes in the construction and food colour processes used to make garments. For example, garments are often dyed after they are constructed thus allowing the manufacturer to puddle the best selling colors quickly (Mihm, 2010, p. 56) . Furthermore, improved logistical programs including air freight and expedited customs clearance for imports also fall within the technology factor.Many fast fashion companies are leaning towards globalization and have highly vertically integrated supply chains and therefore provide their own public-wide souring, and manage their own design, manufacturing, and logistics models. solely of these influences have dramatically changed the way the apparel business op erates in the age of globalization, reservation the fashion industry appear borderless (Mihm, 2010, p. 56) . Mihm (2010) states that lower labor movement cost are a major contribute factor to fast fashion since cutting, sewing and fitting are labor intensive, and are integral split in constructing need high levels of education and therefore do not require salary or high wages. For example, in China, labor rates are unaccompanied around 60 cents per hour. Additionally, capital equipment costs are very low, making it easy to open an apparel plant almost anywhere (p. 56) . on with lower labor costs, it is also important to manage labor times to further minimize labor costs and increase efficiency and profitability (Desai, Nasar, Chertow, 2012, pp. 71- 72) .Lastly, a major factor influencing fast fashion and fast fashion retail strategies has to do with keeping merchandise prices at least moderately low. Mihm (2010) mentions that a key factor in keeping prices low is by maintaini ng low labor costs (p. 56) . Additionally, Desai et al. (2012) discusses the impacts and importance of maintaining control over all costs including production, materials, labor, transportation, manufacturing and overhead and other costs. Maintaining control over all costs is internal to efficiency, maintaining low product costs and business success. However, many items that may be considered basic and require less production costs, and labor costs and time may still be sold for premium price points do to customer perceived value and brand value (pp. 64-72) .All astir(predicate) ZaraZara, the Spanish fast-fashion retailer belonging to Inditex, one of the worlds largest distribution groups, is one of the leading international fashion companies in the world (Zara, 2012). In 1975, Chairman and founder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, opened the first Zara shop in Spain and he came up with a philosophy for business success which states, you need to have five dollar bill fingers touching th e factory and five touching the customer (Ferdows, Lewis, Machuca, 2004, p. 106). The philosophy can be said to be the basis for Zaras business model and retail strategy that success beaty runs a fully vertically integrated supply chain by vertically integrating all features of the sourcing and manufacturing process (Mihm, 2010) including, design, production, distribution and sales. By providing constant information about consumers demands and desires, customer actions and feedback are the soul of the Zara model (Inditex, 2012), which ultimately allows the company to maintain control of its products from the design stage until the customer purchase stage. Zara has taken retail globalization by storm and now has 1,721 stores all in prime locations in great cities spread across eighty-s level(p) countries.A Closer olfactory modality into the Zara ModelBecause Zara has full control over its supply chain, their sourcing strategy differs from the strategies normally used by companies i n the industry (Mihm, 2010). For instance, Zara purchases many of its fabrics and other supplies from Inditex owned companies. The company also owns its own manufacturing and production facilities, which allows the majority of cyberspace stay within Zara and the Inditex group it also boosts overall company flexibility and allows the full control over the supply chain system that would otherwise be unattainable if the firm did not embody the fast fashion method and mainly outsourced to third parties (Ferdows, 2004, p. 109) .Moreover, only basic items like T-shirts and common woolens are out sourced to, or bought from, manufactures in low- cost areas like Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe (Capell, 2008) the rest of Zaras products, which are more fashion sensitive, are designed by the 300 in-house designers and are manufactured in Zara manufacturing facilities. All immaculate products pass through the five-story, 500,000-square-meter distribution center in La Corufia, which ships appr oximately 2.5 million items per week (Ferdows, 2004, p. 109). Furthermore, Zara production facilities maintain stock piles of neutral fabrics that can be dyed, printed on, or altered for the purpose of speed and convenience to help mitigate design and production times (Mihm, 2010).In terms of production and labor times and costs, Zara has the ability to easily adjust production to the change in demand. The company is able to do this because many of their facilities are highly innovated and specialized, and normally run one single shift per day (Ferdows, 2004, p.109) . It seems that Zara operates its manufacturing facilities using a combination of transformation systems to maximize efficiency. For instance, job shops would be used for smaller facilities that produce more basic and/or custom items. Cellular production systems, that also utilizes JIT, would largely be used for a fast fashion firm like Zara because the system allows the facility to crop production time and costs, reduc e labor time and costs and increase flexibility and market responsiveness and minimizes waste and excess stock. For instance, Meredith Shafer (2010) state that the advantages of cellular production include reduced setup times, increased equipment capacity that results in lower equipment and tending costs, and increased floor space. The system also allows increased efficiency to produce small batches of varieties, which ultimately increases flexibility to respond to customer demand, reduces over stock and excess inventory that can take up space, and minimizes lead times and increases throughput times, which improves forecasting and market responsiveness and enhances revenues.Other advantages include greater operational control, lower overall costs and an exclusivity value sense from customers that discourages purchase postponement (pp. 71-72) . Furthermore, like other fast fashion firms, Zara utilizes innovation and IT systems to communicate information through every part of the or ganization. These IT communication systems are especially important to Zara because their products go from the design stage to store shelves in as little as two weeks. To make this happen, store managers record selling trends, determine customer desires and quickly sends the information to the design headquarters where ideas, innovations and designs for new fashions are created and more appropriate forecasting can be made. The speed and this system automatically gives Zara a warlike advantage (Capell, 2008) .Competition and Competitive AdvantageThe term competitive advantage refers to any factor that provide give a firm a lead on its competitors. This can mean anything ranging from new innovations, ideas and products, costs and pricing, locations and market share, to marketing and operational strategies, and so on. Zara is recognized as being a leader in the fast fashion retail industry and has steam rolled ahead of competitors such as Gap, Express, Uniqlo, and H M. Compared to i ts competitors, Zara is completely vertically integrated and uses sophisticated IT communication systems for constant and speedy communication, whereas competitors are less involved in ease of communication and still heavily outsource to third parties, which significantly reduces their control over process, time and quality (Desai, 2012 ). This is where Zara gains their biggest competitive advantages, which are speed, quality and customer value. Customer value is a massive advantage for Zara wherein the receive customer support, repeat, satisfied customers, and increase revenue.The fact that Zara often produces trends at super speeds, even before they show up in luxury shops, induces Zara as an innovative firm which further attracts aboriginal adopters who desire the freshest looks and dont mind paying higher prices for items that they may value as liquid ecstasy (Meredith Shafer, 2010, pp. 14-15). Additionally, Inditex and Zara factory workers are paid more that the industry av erage (Capell, 2008) . Also, with the smaller quantities of vast varieties of the freshest trends, Zara gains 85% of the full ticket price on its retail clothing, while the industry average is 60% to 70%. Because of this, Zara is also able to gain higher net margins on sales than its competitors. For instance, in 2001, Inditexs net margin was 10.5%, Benettons was only 7%, HMs was 9.5%, and Gaps near zero (Ferdows, 2004, p. 106) .Conclusion and RecommendationsOverall, Zara is the perfect example for fast fashion retailing. The company rattling has taken a step forward in strategies for successful operations, management, globalization and supplying and selling the latest trends at lightning fast speeds with minimal costs and wastes. The only negative that I find with Zara is with their pricing strategy in nations outside of Spain. According to Kumar Linguri (2006) , Zara is considered a low-cost retailer, whereas in countries such as the US, Japan and Mexico, Zara is considered more of a luxury retailer due to pricing differences (p. 82) . Even though pricing differences are establish on individual country economics, there still should not be such a difference in pricing and perceived value between countries. One final suggestion is for Inditex to consider drop in opening distribution centers and/or manufacturing facilities in other market areas to continue the speed in supply chain and lead times in all markets throughout the world.ReferencesCapell, K. (2008). Zara Thrives By Breaking All the Rules. courseweek, (4104), 066. Cachon, G. P., Swinney, R. (2011). The Value of Fast FashionQuick Response, Enhanced Design, and Strategic Consumer Behavior. Management Science, 57(4), 778-795. Desai, A., Nassar, N., Chertow, M. (2012). American Seams An Exploration of crossing Fast Fashion and Domestic Manufacturing Models in Relocalised Apparel Production. Journal Of Corporate Citizenship, (45), 53-78. Dictionary.com. (2012). Retrieved from http//dictionary.refere nce.com/browse/fad Ferdows, K., Lewis, M.A., Machuca, J.A.D. (November 2004). Rapid-fire fulfillment. Harvard Business Review, 82(11), 104-110 Inditex. (2012). Investors. Retrieved from http//www.inditex.com/en Joy, A., Sherry Jr, J.F., Venkatesh, A., Wang, J., Chan, R. (2012). Fast fashion, sustainability, and the ethical appeal of luxury brands. Fashion Theory The Journal of Dress, Body Culture, 16(3), 273-295. inside10.2752/175174112X13340749707123 Meredith, J.R., Shafer, S. M., (2010). Operations management for mbas, 4. Hoboken, NJ John Wiley Sons, Inc. Mihm, B., (2010). Fast fashion in a flat world Global Sourcing Strategies. International Business Economics Research Journal, 9(6), 55-63 Speer, J. K., (2006). Top 5 sourcing strategies. Apparel Magazine , 47(12), 32-35. Retrieved from http//ezproxy.limcollege.edu2357/ehost/ incident?sid=4b23db26-6002-4704-9709-23540fa18525%40sessionmgr111vid=1hid=127bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZSZzY29wZT1zaXRldb=bthAN=22112593 Zara. (2012). I nvestors. Retrieved from http//www.zara.com

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Play Macbeth by WIlliam Shakespeare Essay Example for Free

Play Macbeth by WIlliam Shakespeare EssayThe play Macbeth was written by WIlliam Shakespeare in the 1600s. The whole play revolves around the theme of power. The theme of power is shown through dreaming, betrayal and penalize utilize the symbolisms of sleep and blood.William Shakespeare use the sleep with of ambition to portray power in Macbeth. Macbeth was driven by his ambition of gaining power. Macbeths hunger for power made him blond to the atrocities and iniquitous deeds he was performing. In Act 1 Scene 7 Macbeth is stating that ambition was his only motivation to kill Duncan. I have no importunityTo prick the sides of my intent, plainly only Vaulting ambition which oerleaps itself And falls on thother. Shakespeare used a horse fable to show the conflict of emotions in Macbeths mind.Macbeth thinks of his purpose to kill Duncan as a cavalry horsebut he has no motive to urge it into action so it stands still. Macbeths ambition is pictured as a rider springing into his saddle who overleaps himself and falls on the other side of his steed.Macbeth means that his ambition to be poove would inevitably lead him too far. The quote is effective in defining Macbeths drive to ambition. Ambition is used by Macbeth to take the power from Duncan.William Shakespeare used the issue of betrayal to portray power in Macbeth. The issue of betrayal is shown throughout the play from the start when the Thane of Cawdor betrayed Duncan. Macbeth betrayed Duncan,his guest,king and relative by killing him to take the crown of Scotland. Macbeth betrayed his conversancy and colleague Banquo who stayed by his side when they were fighting against the Norwegians. Macbeth also betrayed Lady Macbeth his wife by dismissing her from formal duties. In Act 1 Scene 7 Macbeth is telling lady macbeth to hide their knowings of duncans murder under an candid face. A focus,and mock the time with the fairest show, False face must hide what the false heart doth know. Shakespeare used an i ambic Pentameter to lend dignity and presence to Macbeth after his devious plans to kill Duncan. The quote is effective in presentation that Macbeth would betray his king and guest and act innocent with the devious plan in his mind and squat low just to gain what he wanted. Betrayal is the weapon that Macbeth used to gain power.The issue of penalize was used by William Shakespeare to show power in Macbeth. Revenge was shown from the start of the play when the witches got revenge on the sailors wife who didnt give the witches any chestnuts. Banquo got his revenge on Macbeth when he came back as a tactile sensation and frightened Macbeth as well as embarrassing him in front of other thanes. Macduff got his revenge by killing Macbeth who slaughtered his family. In act 4 scene 3 malcolm comforts macduff who heard that his family was slaughtered by Macbeth by telling him to make revenge his medicine to restore his grief. lets make us medcines of our great revengeTo cure this deadly griefMalcolm is telling Macduff to make the revenge on Macbeth, a medicine that would cure his grief. Malcolm is implying that revenge is sweet. The quote is effective in showing that macduffs revenge on Macbeth was to cure his own grief caused by Macbeth. Revenge was the issue which made one person to rise up or fall down. daub was a symbolism which helped to symbolize the issues that shows power in Macbeth. The word blood occurs frequently throughout the play.In act 1 scene 2, the wounded captain told a report which described the bloody war. stemma was also related to crime after after macbeth had murdered Duncan. Once Macbeth and lady Macbeth embark upon their murderous journey, blood comes to symbolize their guilt, and they begin to feel like their crimes have stained them in a way that cannot be washed clean. Blood symbolizes the guilt that sits like a permanent stain on the consciences of both Macbeth and lady Macbeth, one that hounds them to their graves. The enormity of Macbeths crime has awakened in him a powerful sense of guilt that will hound him throughout the play.

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Economics Exchange Rates Commentary Essay Example for Free

Economics Exchange Rates Commentary striveNEW YORK (Dow Jones)The dollar continued its slide Wednesday, touching its secondaryest level in 12 months against the euro and pendulous against the yen as rising equities battered the greenback yet again.The dollar has lost key legs of plunk for over the past two weeks as encouraging global economic data has led investors to borrow more than risk and vitiate racyer-yielding assets. With the inlet receding and financial markets in recovery, investors have aim more confident theres no longer a need to hold their money in a safe-harbor cash like the dollar. Because of the Federal Reserves need to stimulate the economy, the dollars ultra-low interest reckons have made it the lowest-yielding study specie. The cost of borrowing U.S. dollars in the London interbank market continued its slide Wednesday. The key three-month London interbank offered rate marked its lowest level since the British Bankers Association first introduced its Libor fixings in 1986.The dollar take in its lowest level against the common currency since September 2008 in new-made York afternoon trading, with the euro touching a 12-month high at $1.4738. If the euro is able to sustain levels above $1.4720, a key technical level, it could be on a march to $1.50, express Carl Forcheski, vice president for foreign exchange at Societe Generale in sensitive York.The dollars losses were broad, sinking to new 13-month lows against the Australian and New Zealand dollars as well as lows for 2009 versus other widely traded counterparts. The U.K. pound also piggy-backed off the euros gains to advance on the dollar.The yen had been the so-called carry trade currency of choice, scarce with U.S. interest rates expected to remain feeble until 2010, analysts anticipate the dollar to continue reinforcement riskier bets. A carry trade involves buying a lower-yielding currency to fund purchases of higher-yielding assets.The dollar was also burden W ednesday by comments from Japans incoming finance minister, Hirohisa Fujii, who said he saw no need to intervene in currency markets to weaken the yen. In the past, the dollar had received support from the belief that Japan would intervene to stop unwanted appreciation of its currency. Theres no change in my thinking that its not the time to consider foreign-exchange intervention, Fujii said at a news conference.Though he wouldnt rule out intervention in what he boundaryed palpablely abnormal situations, Fujii said the idea that the yen should be cheaper for the sake of Japans exporters is wrong. Wednesday afternoon in New York, the euro was at $1.4729 from $1.4667 late Tuesday, according to EBS via CQG. The dollar was at Y90.78 from Y91.06. The euro was at Y133.72 from Y133.60. The U.K. pound was at $1.6506 from $1.6495, go the dollar was at CHF1.0306 from CHF1.0340.U.S. economic data released Wednesday, including as-expected August consumer price index and better-than-expected industrial production numbers, pointed to a continuing recovery, leading stocks to rally. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 108 points, lending support to the euro and other high-yielders.The dollar looks liable(predicate) to continue its broad-based slide through the rest of the year, analysts said. As long as the buck doesnt fall also far too fast, dollar weakness is expected in a time of loose fiscal policy, said Adnan Akant, a currency specialist at money manager Fischer Francis Trees Watts, a New York social unit of BNP Paribas. Right now, the euro and other higher-yielding currencies are reaping the benefits of a global economic turnaround and stock market rallies, but within the next 12 months, the dollar should start benefitting from a recovering U.S. economy, said Wells Fargo analysts.The Canadian dollar ended higher near its strongest levels of the day Wednesday, reflecting another sustained flight into riskier assets like stocks and commodities at the expense of the slumping U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar was trading at C$1.0666 late afternoon, from C$1.0721 late Tuesday.Strong gains for oil, silver and other commodities as well as rising North American equity markets underpinned the Canadian dollars gains, although the currency again failed to mount a serious challenge of its year-to-date high at C$1.0639, achieved in archean August.CommentaryThe article refers to a depreciation of the dollar against major currencies due to ultra-low interest rates and change magnitude risk by investors.The Federal Reserve has been cutting interest rates in an attempt to shape up aggregate exact and stimulate the economy. High interest rates in an economy generally win investment in that currency as the value of the investment will increase over time. before long US interest rates set by the Federal Reserve are around 0.25% compared to the European Central Banks 1%. Because of this, investors have switched to higher yielding currencies, such as the E uro, and to a lesser extent the Pound, causing a fall in the Dollars exchange rate. This is shown in Diagram 1.As the diagram shows, a right shift in the supply of the Dollar leads to a fall in its price relative to the Euro.In addition, the aforementioned cutting of interest rates is an expansionary pecuniary policy used to manipulate aggregate requirement. The trade off of this policy is increased inflation. A high rate of inflation might further decrease investment in Dollar assets as the real value of the investment would decrease over time. During times of economic crisis, investors tend to invest in low risk assets such as generally strong currencies like the dollar. However with signs that the global economy is exiting the recession and in recovery, not only does the demand for safe-harbor currencies like the dollar decrease, but there is an increased demand for high risk investment due to bullish speculation.In addition, some consumers, firms, or foreign exchange banks migh t believe that despite the improving economic situation, the Dollar will continue to fall as the article mentions and sell dollar assets. This bearish speculation would further increase the supply of the dollar and mayhap lead to self-fulfilling prophecy.As shown above, the combination of the three factors leads to a sharp fall in the exchange rate. As previously mentioned, this depreciation could cause a self-fulfilling prophecy in which the initial bearish speculation leads to depreciation, which in turn causes more bearish speculation causing the exchange rate to enter a descending(prenominal) spiral. Initially, the Federal Reserve might not intervene but if the depreciation continued, it would be forced to buy back Dollars to counteract the increases in supply. This would slow the depreciation, discouraging people from selling dollars. It might even compel bearish speculation as some might assume the dollar market will tush out and start to appreciate.The depreciation of the Dollar should benefit the US economy by means of an better current account deficit. Initially, the deficit will worsen as the demand for imports and exports is inelastic in the short-circuit run, but eventually the current account balance will improve as US exports become more competitive. US export revenue will increase while expenditure will fall. This ameliorate current account situation will boost AD leading to economic growth. This is shown below in Diagram 3.Diagram 3However, as the diagram shows, in the long run, there will be the trade off of inflation as AD bone ups. This might encourage Federal Reserve to confirm the Dollar to reduce imported cost-push inflation. In addition, the increased demand for US exports will increase the demand for the Dollar causing appreciation. Foreign nations might eventually implement import controls such as tariffs on US goods in order to preserve their own current account balances.Eventually, the Dollar should regain its locating as a hi gh-yielding currency 1 . The value of one currency expressed in term of another 2 . A period in a business cycle following a recession, during which the GDP rises. 3. Believing that a particular security, a sector, or the overall market is about to rise 4 . Revenue from the exports of goods and services and income flows is less than the expenditure on the import of goods and services and income flows in a given year

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Case Brief No 1 Essay Example for Free

Case Brief No 1 EssayCitation Harvestons Securities, Inc. v. Narnia Investments, Ltd., 218 S.W.3d 126 (2007) Plaintiff and Defendant The plaintiff/appellant is Harvestons Securities, Inc. The defendant/appellee is Narnia Investments, Ltd. Facts In year 2000, Narnia Investments, Ltd. sued Harvestons Securities, Inc. and several defendants in trial tourist court of Texas. The trial court therefore granted a default judgment against Harvestons and in favor of Narnia that Harvestons has to pay $365,000, plus lawyers fees, prejudgment interest, and postjudgment interest. Harvestons claimed that it had no actual knowledge of the pending litigation before November 15, 2004 and filed a well timed(p) restricted appeal. Harvestons contends that the attend to of process was defective due to the process was delivered to someone different than the one earn in the citation, the person to which the process was delivered, JoAnn Kocerek, did not have a function to include the process on b ehalf of Harvestons or the Texas Securities Commissioner and the return of return does not show a valid manner of service. At last, the appellate court of Texas reverse the trial courts default judgment and remand this case for just proceedings. Issues (a) Did the return of service shows that process was delivered to someone early(a) than the one named in the citation? (b) Did JoAnn Kocerek has the authority to accept process on behalf of Harvestons or the Texas Securities Commissioner? (c) Did the return of service show a valid manner of service? Holding (a) Yes, the return of service shows that process was delivered to someone other than the one named in the citation. (b) No, JoAnn Kocerek did not has the authority to accept the process on behalf of the Harvestons Securities or the Texas securities Commissioner. (c) No, the return of service does not show a valid manner of service.Reasoning (a) The district clerk issued citation directed to Harvestons Securities Inc. by servin g the Texas Securities Commissioner, 200 E 10th Street, 5th Floor Austin, Texas 78701. While The return of service indicates that the citation was served on September 7, 2000, at 200 E. 10th, Austin, Tx. 78701 in Travis County . . . by delivering to Harvestons Securities, by serving the Texas Securities Commissioner, by delivering to JoAnn Kocerek defendant, in person, a true imitate of this Citation together with the accompanying copy(ies) of the Petition attached thereto. Though the letter states that the petition names Harvestons as a defendant, the letter does not state that the Commissioner received citation addressed to Harvestons. The documents attached to the certificates in pass do not reflect a copy of any enclosure that may have accompany the letter. Nor do these documents reflect that Harvestons received any letter from the Commissioner. Therefore the names are not identified. (b) The governance of the record does not identify Jo Ann Kocerek or her status or affiliat ion, if any, with the Texas Securities Commissioner. Neither the return nor any other portion of the record designates Jo Ann Kocerek as an authorised representative of the Commission or indicates that she has the authority to receive service on behalf of Harvestons or the Commissioner. Indeed, it is simply not possible to determine **21 from the record who Jo Ann Kocerek is or whether she is an agent authorized to accept service on behalf of either the Commissioner or Harvestons. Without an indication on the face of the record of her subject matter or authority, if any, to receive service, the granting of the default judgment was improper. So JoAnn Kocerek was not authorized to accept the process. (c) Here make it an invalid manner of services because of the reasons above and therefore, Further, a return of citation does not cease to be prima facie evidence of the facts of service simply because the facts are recited in a form rather than make full in by the process server. It i s the responsibility of the party requesting service, not the process server, to see that service is in good order accomplished. This responsibility extends to seeing that the service is adequately reflected in the record. If proper service is not affirmatively shown in the record, then error exists on the face of the record and a default judgment cannot stand.

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Conflict Essay Example for Free

Conflict EssayThe bringing of quite a gnomish unitedly in social interaction necessarily involves a set of inter ain dynamics which so mavinr or later will lead to conflict. Conflict between people or groups a great deal arises from competition for resources, power, and status. Family members debate for attention. Individuals compete for jobs and wealth. Nations compete for territory and prestige. Different interest groups compete for influence and the power to make rules. oft the competition is not for resources but for ideas, one somebody or group wants to stomach the ideas or deportment of another group suppressed, punished, or decl bed illegal. When you consider what a diverse society we live in, with so many varied backgrounds, perspectives and approaches to deportment, it is not surprising that conflict is established as part and parcel of our day-by-day life. This is because people will have competing interests and competing perspectives in relation to the same issues, and so we should not be affect when tensions exist between individuals and groups. Conflict is concerned with difference. If we were any the same, then in that respect would be little or no conflict.However, thankfully we are not all the same, and so part of the price that we pay for the wideness of diversity is that conflicts will arise at certain times. Conflicts are inevitable in ones organizational life and personal life. Conflict tends to have negative consequences for both(prenominal) the individual and the organization. Performance is adversely affected. Decisions do may not be appropriate. Occasionally, they might even be unrealistic or irrational. Thus, conflicts tend to impair ones efficiency.Sometimes, conflict is in addition observed to give rise to certain maladjusted behaviours in individuals onerous to cope with it. These include alcoholism, drug abuse, excessive smoking, under eating or overeating and extremely vulturous or submissive behaviour. Con flict has also certain physiological consequences in that, certain channels take adorn within the physiological system which are often ignored or unnoticed. Hence, it may be mum that conflict not only affects an individuals performance, but also gives rise to psychosomatic disturbances, which bring down the health of the individual.It can also be argued that conflicts are not necessarily bad. The progress we have made so far in our civilization is due to the conflict between nature man. Conflict releases vigor at every level of human activity, energy that can produce controlling, constructive results. Conflicts tend to have a motivational value they drive or energize an individual to tackle a situation. To finalise a conflict one might explore different avenues or alternatives of action, which make him/her more knowledgeable. Conflicts also provide opportunities to test ones own abilities.Conflict can occur at personal level, interpersonal level, group level. It can be laten t or covert. Causes of Conflict 1. Conflicts arise when people are competing for the same resources, when they are not fairly distributed or when there are not enough to go round. 2. Conflicts arise when the people are unhappy with how they are governed. 3. Conflicts arise when peoples whims clash. Religious and political views are particularly sensitive, because people often depend on these for a brain of identity and belonging.Sometimes the conflict is ca utilise by a unearthly/political group being attacked sometimes it is because the group is eager to spread a particular belief and even enforce it on others. Some leaders may aggravate religious and political differences as part of their tactics for keeping or gaining power. 4. In the same way heathenish differences can cause conflict, or be made to cause it. Again, peoples ethnicity gives them a sense of identity and belonging, and it is threats to this sense which can cause violent responses, just as individuals may lash forbidden with angry haggle or gestures when they feel threatened.Causes of conflict in the work place The cause of workplace conflict is often misunders to a faultd and blamed on personalities and misbehaviour, but in earthly concern much workplace conflict is systemic and endemic to the workplace environment. Ineffective organisational systems, unpredictable policies, incompatible goals, scarce resources, and poor communication can all contribute to conflict in the workplace. Workplace conflict causes loss of productivity, distractions, and employee dissatisfaction. However, management can produce positive results by paying attention to and addressing the true causes of conflict in their organisations.Managing conflict Managing a conflict contains salmagundi interaction that prevents a dispute from becoming a destructive battle. Managing a conflict attends to the personal issues so as to allow for a constructive relationship, even though the objective issues may not be resolva ble. For example, the former Soviet Union and the United States managed their conflict during the Cold War by using a variety of mechanisms. The objective issues in the dispute were not resolved, and neither were the personal issues, which contained significant perceptual differences.However, both sides attended significantly to the relationship to keep the disagreement from turning into a destructive battle. Ways people deal with conflict There is no one best way to deal with conflict. It depends on the ongoing situation. Here are the major ways that people use to deal with conflict.1. Avoidance. Pretend it is not there or ignore it. Usually this approach tends to worsen the conflict over time. 2. Accommodation. Give in to others, sometimes to the extent that you compromise yourself. Usually this approach tends to worsen the conflict over time, and causes conflicts within yourself. 3.Competition. Work to reach your way, rather than clarifying and addressing the issue. 4. Compromi sing. Mutual give-and-take. 5. Collaboration. Focus on working together.This approach sometimes raises new vernacular needs. Effects of conflict Conflicts have positive and negative effects. They can lead to transfigure if they are fountainhead managed, they can be used as a learning experience and they can be used to open up opportunities. However, prolonged conflicts can erupt into violence and disrupt the activities of the organisation, they may also slander relationships permanently and they can also lead to the death of an organisation.Change Most of us live and prize as if the world were static, or as if it should be. As individuals, as professionals, and as members or leaders of organizations, too often the way we act, plan, and react betrays the assumption that tomorrow will be much like today, that easily slide by all right if we just get a little better, a little smarter, at doing what we are already doing. Some people, and some organizations, fall apart in the face o f neuter. They reckon well organized until something trades in their environment. According to Robbins (1999), change is concerned with making things different.Things must be different because they change constantly. When an organizational system is disturbed by some internal or external force, change frequently occurs. Change as a process, is simply modification of the structure or process of a system. It may be good or bad, the concept is descriptive only. It may be constructive, destructive, comfortable or uncomfortable. People and organizations seem to have a pattern over their lifetimes. People and organizations that thrive on change share some fundamental attributes. Change is fractal its basic nature looks the same at different scales.So the attributes that make an organization powerfully adaptive also make a relationship flexible and fruitful, a community liveable, and an individual creative, adaptive, and secure in the midst of turbulence. It is not possible to change a n organization without ever-changing oneself. Changing oneself will change an organization. The two are inextricably linked. If people seriously intend to wait on their organization go through the massive changes, they must set out on a direction of changing their own lives, of learning the skills of change and applying them first to themselves.Any change is, in part, physical. It can be understood in ones head, but until it lives in their body, it wont change their behaviour. If a person wishes to be different, that person must learn to move differently, to make different physical decisions. Stick to your knitting, turns out to be a useful thought for dealing with change. However, at the core of every truth is a fallacy, a route to a deeper truth. The fallacy at the core of stick to your knitting is the invitation not to change, to lenify satisfied with the way we are.Many of us have a grudging acceptance of the need to change. The reality is that every change is a new skill, on e that takes time and attention to learn. If I wait to change until I am hale to it, I will be too late. To wait until change is forced on me is to stay perpetually behind on the learning curve. Whenever a person is trying to change something in his life, they should always remember that change without getting rid of the beliefs that cause the current behaviour or feelings is almost impossible.Furthermore, change probably is difficult when one is onvinced that they either saw or felt the belief causing their current behaviour or feeling on numerous occasions earlier in life. When they realize they never saw their belief and they caused the feeling, not reality, their belief will just dissolve. Today change is the essential of survival and a way of carrying out business. Every business firm whether big or small has to change with time or it will perish. This change along with it brings insecurities and pain that forces human beings or individuals to come out of their comfort zones t o zone of uncomfortable debate and this leads to resistance to change.

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The church of England national society Essay Example for Free

The church of England national society EssayIn 1800 there were only a really small build of women who were literate, this was a large bet of women who could neither read, nor write, this was the way that the men of the time wanted it to be. This was because women were non seen to quest these skills, they should stay in the home and perform their duties as a mother. By 1900 a large number of women were literate. This change was largely out-of-pocket to universal elementary command. The biggest early provider of this procreation were f propelories and workhouses, the education went hand-in-hand with these places as many women kidskinren were working at them at this time.Also, the poor law began in 1834, unemployed people could go to work houses where they would be given jobs to do. These jobs were often meaningless tasks such as bone breaking to distort and encourage people to get out and get a job. Naturally the conditions at these places were horrible. This was to mak e certain(a) that you would not go there by choice and sponge off the state. The poor law identically made the work houses legally bound to give half time education to all its child workers. These cultivates taught the three Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic. The education was poor but it was equal for both genders.Workhouse schools were often a mussiness worsened than in the factories, both sexes were taught to read but girls were often taught more domestic jobs such as sewing and cooking rather than pedantic subjects that they would not need in the home In 1870 the education act was passed to educate all. The church wanted people to read the bible and so the Church of England topic Society for Education was set up. The majority of working classify children went to these schools at some point, the Sunday schools offered similar education to factory schools and religious groups financed them.Some people believe that this was just a social soften to convince the working cl asses to accept their position in life. Although this was one of the only educational opportunities for girls many pargonnts unploughed them at home. Girls and boys were also seated separately. During the 1830s the middle class value began to be incorporated and girls were taught how to cook and clean. Inspectors tear down suggested that arithmetic might help with shopping bills. Dame schools were also set up. These were run by women for a small fee, the teachers were part-time and mainly female.They were seen as bankrupt hence the factory run schools because they had a better atmosphere. The quality of the education varied as many taught gender-specific skills such as needlework to girls only. The 1870 education act had many benefits such as schools built in poorer areas and Local Education Authorities replacing school boards in 1902 paving the way for secondary education. However, there were fears over moral decline and this led to attempts to pay back family values, in 1878 domestic science was made compulsory in Board Schools.These emphases on domesticity meant that many girls did worse in subjects like arithmetic that were given a lower priority. Girls were not discriminated against in education, but the education of boys was seen as more important. During 1833 the government gave away money to existing schools to help them educate the children. Working class men were given the vote in 1867, this gave hope and a greater prospect to the working classes. then in 1870 the plan was to, fill in the gaps this was because some people were not being educated. In distinguish to educate them Board schools were set up in areas with low prevision.The need for education was spreading due to the power of the church and social control, if the children are educated at a young age then they will not turn against the government later on in life. Political and economic growths are also reasons for this want of education. By 1880 education was compulsory in Britain fo r all girls and boys. In 1890 the monitorial system came into play, this was a pupil to teacher system where children with good prospects as teachers would stay on at the school and receive monitors, and eventually they would also become teachers themselves.In 1864 Kay-Shuttleworth set up a scheme where grants were given to surmount equipped elementary schools to train teachers, however, this system was criticized for lack of intellectual rigor and was ended in 1902. In 1842 the first womens college was founded at Whitelands but used trainee students as domestic helps. For the working classes the amount of change was not substantial, although the education act meant that a lot of women were suddenly able to read and write, however it stopped there.The cogitate at this time was on universal education of all, but this education was gender specific, as the academic education of boys seemed to take priority. This does not mean to say that this did not aid womens emancipation, as the skills acquired would be very useful in the suffragette years to come. This is also an example of continuity, the change for this group was not large as I mentioned above and there was not a great deal to come for the working classes for contoura some time. Education of the middle and upper classes consisted of most girls being taught at home by parents or a home tutor if you could afford one.Thus this education varied and was usually directed at the domestic side of life such as child upbringing, cooking and cleaning. The aim of home tutoring was principally to help women find a husband. The argument used against education at this time was that it was cause an confuse in social order with women competing for professional jobs. That the relationship between the sexes would break down and social values lost. This is view is obviously incorrect but the men at the time were afraid of this new kind of educated women.In the mid 19th Century new schools were established, they were run by trustees on a professional basis to educate middle class girls, e. g. The North London Collegiate school founded by Frances Mary Buss. However, girls were still expected to behave in a ladylike manner and only the minority attended with 70 % still at the old private schools. These schools were highly exclusive, with high fees and only the daughters of breakaway gentlemen and professionals were allowed. For this group of women the change was almost the opposite of the working classes.