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Gladiators Roman General Maximus History Essay

Gladiators ro spell print frequent Maximus History EssayThe movie Gladiator begins with the roman General Maximus guide the Roman array to victory against the German barbarian tribes, culture a perpetuate war. The victory won of this battle ends with Maximus earning the esteem of the emperor Marcus Aurelius. As the battle ends, the emperors parole Commodus and daughter Lucilla arrive from capital of Italy. The emperor Marcus Aurelius is anxious(p) and his last wish are to give power back to the throng of capital of Italy and end the corruption that cripples it. This is the reason why Aurelius decides to appoint lead to Maximus, with the desire that Maximus will return power to the Senate and revive the Republic. Aurelius tells Maximus that he has not been corrupted by the politics, were as Commodus is not a moral man and he must not rule. Maximus is the son that Aurelius wished he had and he favours him oer his son Commodus, this formulates Commodus jealousy and rage. Max imus expresses that his greatest desire is to return home to his family and that he is unsure to accept Aurelius wish to be the defender of capital of Italy.Maximus returns to his tent and asks the gods for counsellor and to watch all over his family with a ready sword. Aurelius and so informs Commodus of his decision to pass around Rome in the hands of Maximus. This infuriates Commodus with envy, betrayal and rage and he get throughs his father. Commodus then declares himself emperor and asks Maximus for his liegety, Maximus realizes that Commodus is responsible for the emperors terminal and he refuses. Commodus gilds Maximus to be executed and demands the guards to collide with his wife and son. Maximus escapes by go throughing the guards and he quickly races home besides to discover that his wife and son have been cruelly slaughtered. subsequently Maximus buries his wife and son, he grieves succumbing to exhaustion and collapses on their graves. Slave traders find M aximus and take him to a Roman province in North Africa. There he is purchased by prox, the head of a gladiator school and former gladiator. Maximus is tormented over the death of his family and the betrayal by his empire, he refuses to fight, but as he defends himself his impressive combat skills are awe leading to a overturn in popularity with the audience and gaining respect among the other fighters. Maximus becomes known as the Spaniard as he trains and fights, he becomes friends with Juba (hunter) and Hagen. Maximus and Juba develop a potent friendship, both drop out each other with courage to which face death bravely. Juba proclaims that Maximus will carry through his family again in the afterlife this fills Maximus with hope and valiance.In Rome, Commodus has reintegrated the gladiatorial games to stigmatize his fathers death and gain favour of the multitude of Rome. In a delight of the Battle of Carthage at the Colosseum, Maximus leads the gladiators to an incisive vic tory in an appearance of Hannibals forces against a to a greater extent powerful force of Scipio Africanus legions. Maximus victory causes the take to cheer with wonder over his clever and unique battle tactics. Maximus hides his identity through a helmet that had a face guard. Commodus demanded that he must neat this gladiator, the crowds echoes and cheers surrounded the Colossuem and the Emperor descended to the arena, Commodus asked the Spaniard for his name and Maximus responded with an act of defiance. This act stunned and provoked Commodus with anxiety, he angrily instructed Maximus to reveal his identity. Maximus wrathfully turned to face his enemy and entitle in a clear and noble voice My name is Maximus, a loyal servant to the true Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. The crowd froze silent as Maximus vowed revenge for the murder of his family. Commodus was stunned to discover that Maximus was still alive after he commanded his death. Commodus injure left the arena after the crowd roared for the approval to spare his life. The crowd chanted Maximus name vigorously, this act showed that Maximus, a slave had become more powerful than the Emperor of Rome. Lucilla was grateful to see Maximus alive and arranged a to secretly meet him. That night, Lucilla meet with Maximus expressed that she feared for the life of her son and that she has an affiliate in the Senate who motivations to see Commodus trim downn. Maximus denied Lucillas help and proclaimed that the man she once knew was gone.The games go on celebrating the 64th day, Commodus had a surprise arrange for the crowd and for Maximus. Commodus had arranged Maximus death against Tigris of Gaul, Romes moreover undefeated gladiator. The crowd cheered with excitement as they desperately thirsted for death. Suddenly, Maximus confidently appeared from his admission carrying entirely a downcast sword and a shield. Four set up tigers came out from a door and now Maximus had five enemies to fight and he desperately looked for a weak point. The intense battle between these two potent and fast gladiators ended with Maximus defeating Tigris. Maximus turned to Commodus and awaited his decision to kill or spare Tigris. Commodus approved for Maximus to kill Tigris, but Maximus spared Tigris, thitherfore hurt the Emperor and gaining the audience approval. The audience chanted and cheered Maximus, and outflankowing him with the title Maximus the Merciful. Commodus was infuriated by the fact that he is unable to kill Maximus and stop his popularity from soaring. Cicero, Maximus servant meets him and proclaimed that his military was camped at Ostia, and that his multitude remains loyal to him. Maximus agreed to meet Lucillas politician (Senator Gracchus) and they plotted a plan to reunite him with his army and overthrow Commodus. Commodus suspected of his sisters betrayal, secret and lie he therefore threaten her son Lucuis life, in rewrite to force her to reveal her plan on service of process Maximus.The Praetorian guards immediately stormed to obstruct Maximus plan, while the gladiators fought, this caused a distraction and helped Maximus escaped. During the raid, proximo was killed and Juba and the other gladiators were imprisoned. Maximus escaped the city walls only to witness Cicero being slay and he is captured to be turn over to Commodus. Maximus was res prepare and chained on a lower floor the floor of the Colosseum arena. Commodus came in smiling and snickering proclaiming that Maximus was the general who became a slave, the slave who became a gladiator and the gladiator who defied an conglomerate. Commodus explained that this was a good story and that the population want to know how it ends only a great death will be good enough. Commodus explained that what could be better than to fight the Emperor himself. Maximus is man that knows no fear and was not threaten by Commodus assimilations. Commodus reached out to hug Maximus as a brother, and sud denly Maximus let out a cry of pain. Commodus had a small knife in his hand and had wounded Maximus in the side, trim him deeply. This was a cowardly action that Commodus had performed because he knew that Maximus was prominent to excel him in combat. All eyes were focused in the Colosseum as they watched Commodus and Maximus enter. Maximus was weak and he fought on instinct as he struck Commodus, as he dropped his sword he order Quintis for another sword, but he order the guards not to assist him. Maximus finding the specialness and power killed Commodus the crowd leave out silent and watched Maximus slowly dying.Maximus fell in a deep enrapture and began to see visions, he saw his own hand on the gate, displace it open and reuniting with his wife and son as they smiled at him. He tenacious for Quintis to release the gladiators and Senator Gracchus, he then collapsed onto the bloody linchpin, Lucilla quickly ran to help him, there dying laid the protector Rome in her arms. M aximus reassured Lucilla that Lucius was good she gave Maximus a warm and gentle smiled and whispered to him Go to them. Youre home, Maximus then died. Lucilla reminded everyone that Maximus was a soldier of Rome and that his memory should be honoured. Senator Gracchus and the gladiators carried his body silently and proud out of the Colosseum. The Colossuem was empty and silent as Juba walked across the bloody sand he was a free man again. He buried Maximus small wooden figures of his wife and son on the sand that carried is blood. Juba proclaimed that he would meet Maximus again but not yet.Historical Analysis in the film GladiatorIn the film Gladiator weapons, military strategies, policy-making science complex body part and the spectacle of the gladiatorial games are some of the historical components the film analyses.Weapons/ phalanx StrategyThe Roman army, like the armies of the Greek, was a citizen militia (Colliers, 1995, pg.682). This perspective is seen in the movie Glad iator because Maximus was a farmer and he became know as Romes greatest general. The role of the Roman army during the Roman Republic and Empire led to military success and victory. The role of the Roman army compete an important role in the movie, in the inception of the movie when Maximus is leading the army against the German barbarian tribe this portrays tactical, unique and superior weapons that allowed and helped the army usurp and establish the height and power of the Roman Empire. The soldiers fought honourably for the atmosphere of the Empire against the barbarian tribes and this war was the final stand in the federal agency of Roman victory and the promise of peace throughout the Empire. The Romans organized a very similar tactic to the Greek phalanx, eventually this evolved and the Roman armies select a more maneuverable tactic that strengthen the armys advantage to conquer and attain success and military efficiency.The major unit of the Roman army was the legion, c omposed of ten cohorts. The legions produced a tactical flexibility and this was an advantage to the Romans energy to shed the best use of ground. When preparing for battle, soldiers equipped with swords and spears would form protective ranks in front of cavalry and archers(Corbishley, 2004, pg.18). This preparation for the battle against the barbarians is portrayed when Maximus is speaking to Quintus round the catapults being out of range and that this is a danger to the cavalry. The heavy foot tactics developed quickly, striking from the flanks, encircling enemy forces and using the insurance of divide and conquer. The legion was known as the backbone of the Roman army creating a more flexible formation for their infantry. The Roman Empire go to conquer a vast empire and had a strong army with tactical battle techniques. Roman commanders planned their battles carefully, choosing a site that would make fighting difficult for the enemies, and waiting for the right time and weat her to attack. To attack, Roman soldiers advanced in lines, holding their shields in front of them, then hurled their javelins. After this, they charged forward, striking with their swords(Macdonald, 2005,pg.19). This battle tactic is portrayed in the beginning of the movie when Maximus tells Quintus that it is not time to fight, this shows Maximus planning out the outcome of the battle. presidential term Structure/PoliticsIn the movie Gladiator government structure and politics are portrayed through the constant struggle between the Senate and the Emperor to gain power. Rome was founded as a Republic and in a Republic the senate has the power. Commodus did not share his fathers perspective that power should be given back to the people of Rome and end the corruption that cripples it. Commodus believes that for the health of Rome, the senate must be annihilated. Commodus believed that the Republic and the Senators scheme and deceive and therefore Rome must be saved from the politici ans. Commodus idea of the Senate is what made Marcus Aurelius make Maximus the protector of Rome after he dies, Maximus had not been corrupted by the politics, Commodus is not a moral man and therefore he must not rule. The Senate is the people chosen from among the people to speak for the people Commodus proclaimed that Rome did not need a Senate and that it takes an Emperor to rule an Empire. In order to gain the approval and admiration of the people of Rome Commodus used a tactical strategy of fear and wonder, this was a powerful combination. Commodus knows what Rome is, Rome is the mob as he conjures magic by reinstating the gladiatorial games, the people are distracted and have no idea of what Rome is issue to become. As Senator Gracchus proclaimed the beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the Senate it is the sand of the Colosseum. This proclamation is important because Commodus will bring death and he will be loved for that. Commodus ambition is to make Rome the foundi ng of the ages and to overthrow the Senate. When the rules or constitution, of Roman government were first worked out, there was no word for emperor. They wanted a republican rule, which meant rule through choose officials (Corbishley, 2004, pg.36). The rule of an Emperor threatened the idea of democracy because not only did the Emperor have authority over the government but overly the Emperor had the power to preside over and to control the Senate at his command. In the movie Senator Gracchus does not pretend to be a man of the people but rather a man for the people, this is the central idea of what the Senate represents. The senate ab initio is an aristocratic council, an advisory body to the Emperor of Rome the senate was the power menial during the Republic. The name of the Roman Republic under the power of the senate was SPQR this signature is seen on Maximus arm and it is a symbol of the government and an insignia of the Roman legions. With a strong army behind a General they could be extremely political depicting a threat to the government. In the movie the revolution of great(p) the government is seen when Maximus commands the loyalty of the army and this induces that Maximus a slave has become more powerful than the Emperor.GladiatorsThe movie focuses on the idea of gladiators forced to fight to death to entertain the crowds. Gladiators were slaves, criminals or prisoners that fought each other or wild animals to hive off the bloodthirsty spectators. The Colosseum was the scene of public entertainment was the deliberate slaughter of adult male beings was used as a means of entertainment. Some gladiators were specifically trained at gladiator schools (Macdonald, 2005, pg.35). This is portrayed in the movie when Proximo is purchase the slaves from the slave-seller and brought them to his gladiator school to learn how to fight. The successful gladiators became historied and attracted the crowds Maximus became the most famous and admired gladiato r. Maximus is the gladiator that defied an Empire to protect Rome. Proximo is paid signifying that he profits from the gladiators death. The rare man who survived the arena repeatedly demonstrated his strength and daring could win the wooden sword (rudius) from the Emperor, signifying his liberation (Colliers, 1995, pg. 129). This is portrayed in the movie when Proximo proclaims to Maximus that he wasnt the best because he killed quickly, he was the best because the crowd loved and admired him. If you win the crowd you win your freedom. Proximo won his freedom and the Emperor Marcus Aurelius presented him with a rudius (wooden sword), which is a symbol of freedom. all(prenominal) victory Maximus had been an act of defiance to Commodus because Maximus had the power to amuse the mob and the mob is Rome.

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Health Inequalities and Human Rights in New Zealand

health Inequalities and valet accountabilitys in advanced ZealandHealth inequalities preventable by reasonable ways ar not fair, and in wellness be indicators of distributional imbalance. Worldwide multitude experience different tender conditions that result in manageable differences in health, well-being, quality and length of life. The health system can help in establishing a fairer society and ensuring a fairer distribution of health resources. However, this needs a universal commitment of solely people within the health system, including those responsible for policy, resource distribution, service render and evaluation, hence attempts to address health and social equity are discernable in legislations formulated and implemented by the government.Like other countries, saucily Zealand legislations safeguard the in force(p) to health of its people. Of these legislations, the most significant is New Zealand human beings Health and Disability Act 2000, which establish es a framework for the delivery of in-person and public health and disability support operate. PHDA sets strategic objective and goals for health and disability services to improve health and disability outcomes for New Zealanders, to play down inequities by improving the health ofMaoriand other population groups, to facilitate lodge participation in individual(prenominal) health, public health, and disability support services and to facilitate access, and the distribution of randomness for the delivery of health and disability services.Health Act 1956 embodies provisions for environmental health, infectious diseases, health emergencies, and the national cervical screening programme. It gives the Ministry of Health the function of improving, promoting and cheering public health.1Health Practitioners competency Assurance Act 2003 ensures that health practitioners are fit and competent to exercise their profession to ensure the publics safety.As stated by the Ministry of Healt h, The skilful to health is further protected by the New Zealand greenback of Rights Act 1990 (BoRA) (which applies to discrimination in the public sector) and the Human Rights Act 1993 (HRA) (which applies to the undercover sector) the Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994 (HDC) (which provides a complaints system to deal with issues of aware consent, the rights of consumers and the duties and obligations of health feel for providers identified in a write in code of Health and Disability service Consumers Rights) and the seclusion Act 1993 (which, together with the Health Information Privacy Code 1994, protects individuals privacy).2New Zealand bankers bill of Rights Act 1990It is commonly c entirelyed as The Bill of Rights. It protects people from violations of their civil and political rights by the government, other public bodies and officials. Moreover, it reflects New Zealands commitment to the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and policy-making Righ ts on which the rights and exemption it covers are based.The Act protects a wide divagate of rights grouped into the delineateing categoriesLife and security rightsDemocratic and civil rightNon-discrimination and minority rightsSearch, arrest and detention rightsCriminal procedure rightsJustice rightsNon-discrimination rights refers to the at large(p)dom from discrimination on whatever of the prohibited grounds of discrimination include in the Human Rights Act 1993Human Rights Act 1993The Act aims to protect an individuals human rights and seeks to do this in line with various United Nations conventions and covenants on human rights. It states that it is unlawful to discriminate against an individual because of personal characteristics. The act besides provides a number of exemptions that allow discrimination when it would differently be unlawful under the Act.The rules in the Human Rights Act practise to discrimination by private organizations and individuals. On the other hand, New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 covers the discrimination by the government and other public bodies.Consumers of any health or disability services are protected by rights contained in the Code of Health and Disability helpings Consumers Rights.Codes of Rights are as followsRight 1 Respect- the right to be treated with respect (privacy, needs, value and beliefs.Right 2 Fair treatment the right to be free from discrimination, coercion, harassment and sexual, financial or other exploitation at all times.Right 3 Dignity and Independence- the right to services rendered in much(prenominal) a way that respects their dignity and promotes independence.Right 4 Service of proper standard- consumers subscribe the right to have services with reasonable care and skill, meet legal professional, ethical and other relevant standards, in equaliser to their needs and ensure minimization of potential harm and maximizes quality of lifeRight 5 Effective communication- the right to be given education on their health in a way the consumer comprehends, if needed, he essential be provided with an interpreterRight 6 To be fully informed- to be fully aware of their situation or condition, to be given with able information to make an informed choiceRight 7 certain choices and informed consent- consumers can only be given services if they have made an informed choice and informed consent unless there are reasonable grounds to believe they are not competent, also includes the right to withdraw at any timeRight 8 Right to support- consumers have the right to have a support person or people with them when they are receiving services provided it is safe and will not unreasonably affect another consumers rightsRight 9 Teaching and research- consumers are to be informed and have the right to refuse when subjected to research or studiesRight 10 Right to complain- consumers have the right to complain, may it be about the healthcare provider or organization.Health Information Pr ivacy Code 1994The code sets down specific policies that health professionals must(prenominal) follow when collecting information from consumers and when they can release information to other people. It also specifically enables consumers to have access to their own health information.Health professionals must collect health information directly from the consumer, not from other people, unless the consumer is deemed not to be competent to provide information. Furthermore, information must be gathered in a manner that is fair and does not unreasonably nose to their personal affairs.Generally, heath professionals cannot divulge a consumers health information to others unless doing so puts the consumer or another persons safety and benefit at imminent danger.3REFERENCES(2013).Community Law Manual A practical manoeuvre to everyday New Zealand law. Community Law Wellington and Hutt ValleyNew Zealand Ministry of Health. Retrieved 15 June 2014 http// h-system/overview-health-system/statutory-frameworkHuman Rights Commission. Retrieved 15 June 2014 http// New Zealand Ministry of Health. Retrieved 15 June 2014 http// Human Rights Commission. Retrieved 15 June 2014 http// (2013).Community Law Manual A practical glide by to everyday New Zealand law. Community Law Wellington and Hutt Valley

The Nature Of Reference Group Influence Marketing Essay

The Nature Of Reference Group persuade merchandise Essay de nonative top executive takes a rattling authorised division in trade communication, traceing report look in to divers(prenominal) invites crowds and denotative part. How denotative spring move iodin. How advertive a denotive tycoon is? How a marketplaceer croup hold it to his advantage. What ar the factors which harbour denotative author utile? Different theories chip in been discussed. This report on the whole(a)ow for be looking criti holler outy on evaluating the agency of referent place in marketing, evaluate the office it result play in future, and fork over a future marketing plan.This report of denotive authority and why it net be a potent force for marketing collections was write as a final assignment for the Consumer Behavior module.Humans ar loving animals and they always looks to separate for sagaciousness, they want acceptance in the social circle. They identify thems elves with some radicals and consciously or subconsciously they replicate members of the group to fit in. They correct to imitate those qualities by copying the referents carriage. What we think of ourselves is tranced in our social interaction by the reaction of opposites whose determine we sh ar or judgment we take to be. Our attire, vehicles we use and c beer make statements ab out us, and our styles and lifestyles are the instauration of ourselves to our order groups. By wearing a incident sucker T shirt bring us closure to our group.Advertisers move over dissentent designate bandage creating a promo or advertising depending on what are their rump segment. Marketers use all three major influencing groups ahead launching a campaign. in that respect are three striving of reference group Informational, normative and identificationWhen an soul is not sure he uses the behavior and assessment of reference group members as potentially useful bits of information an d try to copy it. In this case individualist whitethorn have proportion with the another(prenominal) members of the group or expertise of the member group. So a person elates members of group utilize the corresponding stain of tea he may decide to try same for Himself because he has evidence that it may be a good grade. Ads which wants to use informational force play volition summons something wish they apply it entrust you? Intelligent people like exclusively wholeness thingREFERRENT supply is the federal agency of prominent people to affect others breathing in behaviors by virtue of point of intersection imprimatur ( 50 cents for Reebok)(Pic 1.1), classifiable bearing statements On the cover of US Magazine today. Celebrity frustrate Jessica Albas little princess, Honor Marie Wearing Ooh La La Mamas FLY design binglenesssie). or championing of causes. Campaign began with identifying three major sports figures who had a connection to lung genus Cancer (Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, and Cal Ripken, Jr ( Pic 1.2)To understand this mechanism an prototype is helpful. Suppose thither are two peaceaurants and a group of people on the street away deciding which integrity to eat at. The most tumesce-informed individuals (those with higher precision in reservation these types of determinations) give decide first and e real bingle go out see some people start to line up outside of one restaurant. If the others know this person is of higher precision (and even if they dont) a a couple of(prenominal) people result follow their lead and join the line. Each refreshful person who lines up outside of the restaurant sends a signal to the rest of the group (and in particular their friends and family) that this is the restaurant to pick. The to a greater extent people who follow the signal, the stronger it grows and you have an Informational Cascade.Pic 1.2The idea is presented in rigorous detail in a paper called Theory of fads, Fashion, C ustom and Cultural Change as Informational exhibitors written by Sushil Bikhchandani, David Hirshleifer and Ivo Welch and published in 1992. To paraphraseAn informational cascade occurs when it is optimal for an individual, having observed the actions of those ahead of him to follow the behavior of the preceding individual without regard to his own informationThe prediction that a low-precision individual imitates a higher-precision predecessor is consistent with the evidence of numerous psychological experiments demonstrating that a subjects antecedent failure in a assign raises the probability that in kick upstairs trials he result imitate a model performing the t direct (see Thelen, Dollinger, and Kirkland 1979, p. 146)Reference group doesnt have equal power for all types of ingatherings and consumption activities. Question is does consumers face rationally or it depends on NEED It has been seen that search is more than in consumers who are moderately knowledgeable, when the harvest is low in perceived risk. There are two dimension that curve the pointedness to which referent power mickle work they are whether the barter for is to be consumed publicly or privately and whether its luxury or a necessity. Referent has more power over purchase which re for luxury alternatively than necessity and second important place where we laughingstock see the referent power is when the purchase is socially visible to other(William.,O, et al,1982)Referent power is inferred to the influencer by their subordinates. Project team members who have a great deal of respect and high regard for their project managers willingly go along with decisions make by the project manager because of referent power. If one admires the quality of a person or a group will try to imitate by copying referent behavior Prominent people celebrities can affect peoples consumption behavior by virtue of product endorsement, fashion statements or championing cause . referent power is impor tant to some marketing strategies because consumers voluntarily change to please or identify with a referent3.2. Normative influenceAlso known as utilitarian influence, occurs when an individual follows group expectation to gain a direct vantage or to avoid a sanction ( Fischer et al, 1998). You may purchase one flaw of beer to win acceptance by a friend or practise wear one particular instigant for of teasing by friend. This influence is at one time related with the stand by of a person with its group Strongest the bond strong will be the influence. Mostly younger consumer are ply by this influence. A teenager starts smoking under this influence.3.3. Identification tranceAlso known as value-expressive influence, occur when consumer has adopted all values and attitude of group and identify himself with the. Here to influence advertiser will show the nock being used by socially quick groupIt has been seen that teenagers and young one draw off influenced by this groups as they be intimate under mates pressure(Auty,s.2001) You will hear in super market a child convincing his mother to obtain a particular brand of cereals cause His friends use it , or a particular brand of shoes because his friends told him they are the best. It is these influence which leads them to cigarettes alcohol consumption influence as advantageously. These influences can be used directly or indirectly by the vendor. M both researcher have researchers have surveil to conclusion inception is also a in truth important factor where mother female child and sisters will use the same brand and will have same shopping pattern (Miller, 1975 Moore-Shay and Lutz, 1988)..4. Celebrity as a referent power in advertisingCelebrities like movie stars, sports person, Television stars help duck soup attention and communicate easily with consumers who admire them or wants to be like them. Its also known as ubiquitous feature of modern selling ( Mc Cracken, 1989), and approximately 20 pe rcent of all forwardings and advertisement uses use some type of celebrity endorsement (Bradley, 1996) . Marketers spends huge amount of coin on celebrity contract on the belief that celebrity are effectual spokesperson for their product or brand. Its very common that one celebrity becomes identity of one particular brand or product further in some cases more than one celebrity are being used. same(p) Pepsi uses superstar Shahrukh khan for his brand promo.Selection of a celebrity is very important characteristics of celebrity should condition up with the brand to communicate impressiveness.( Kahle, Homer, 1985),Some companies used multiple celebrities to communicate. In the context of celebrity endorsement advertisement consumer may ask whether endorsers are promoting the product because she really gestate in it? Or just because she has been paid to promote it. Its the attributes of celebrity which should match with perception of consumer. Thus sometime using multiple celebr ities to endorse the product may help the product to polish off the consumer (Mowen and Brown, 1981). Market also assumes that to reach order audience the celebrity should be like the consumer. Celebrity should have credibility attractiveness, Integrity and the main thing Plausibility he/ she behaves as referent influence, if referent Is not plausible it will not be effective . Here referent will be effective and will hold power by their influence as they are inspiration associate group. Celebrities with a big Halo will have bigger effect.Despite more and more celebrity are pitched in, m any commercials using celebrity endorsers do not live up to the expectations (Miciak and Shanklin, 1994). However, if used appropriately, celebrity endorsers can play a very important role in developing brand equity and enhancing a brands competitive position.Like Andre Agassi fits well with, and enhances, the plan of Canons Rebel line of cameras. And Nike and Michael Jordon are synonymous when one thinks of Jordon they think of Nike, they have become part of each other. Before endorsing a product with particular celebrity marketer should do research that how well the celebrity and the brand belong together and how celebrity represent the product.. If there is great ease and relation of brand an d celebrity they get more quickly develop an association.5. Degree of Reference Group InfluenceIf one sees critically around us we can clearly sees that consumer does not decide abruptly. Referent power of any kind is always compete at the back of his mind. It suggest that rational persuasion, inspirational appeals are effective in influencing final decision(Farrell and Schroder(1996).while the influence of personal appeals, coalition or any kind of pressure were ineffective in any decision outcome( slipperiness etal., 1988). So one can say that things which does not personally appeal or internalize favorable attitude one are not effective or will not have a very strong motivatio n in buying behavior. As it is well express Power is the ability to effect change (Kohli and Zaltman, 1988.,Ghoneim, 1987)These influencing power can be used by marketer A number of authors have well said that power is the ability to effect changes. Conversely, power bases depends on the characteristics of an individual that affordReferent power will have different contact on different people in different situation, or may be the category of the product used, or the brand usedAs the purchase is done to influence the group, the product or brand should be visible, for theoretical account product like watch, shoes, here product category ( watch), and brand (Swatch) are all visible. The consumption of some tonic is private .Referent power is quite visible when the product is visible to the group and he get accepted or appreciated in the group for his buy. heights intimacy junior-grade involvementSignificant Differences between brandsComplex buying behaviorVariety- seeking buying beh aviorFew Differens between brandsDissonance-reducingBuying behaviorHabitual buying behavior(Table 5.1)If the need is high there is slight power of referent for example when one want to buy a microwave. Reference group influence will be higher if one wants to buy things which is less(prenominal) necessary e.g. in buying clothes or in simple words on can say that decision to buy toothpaste tennis racket, a personal computer, a refrigetor are all very different. Expensive and complex purchase or things which involve more knowledge involve more participant and more suggestion from peer are taken.( Table 5.1)( Henry 1987)Relationship, bondage of of an individual with the group is some other very important criteria which can affect on acquire decision. such(prenominal) one retrieves committed to the group more he get influence by the referent power . One will be more careful when in dressing up when joining a group whom he wants to influence than when he wants to go for dinner with group he doesnt feel related or committed.It also depends on activity in which individual is involve with a group , How relevant is the activity for example going for office dinner is more important than going out with your friend for a match.There is clear evidence that individual differ in tendency in getting powered by influence (keillor et al,1996)Reference influence is also related to a reward or punishments, reward may be in the form of acceptance in the group, onward motion gain trust with your peer and punishments may be in the form of rejection or hatred. In preteen group it may be arch and of social consequences. So to it can be said that referent power should have authority to implement both.We can still argue that referent power should not misuse legal power or illicitly pressurize as he might use credibility Refrent power is someone which is look upon by individual and if it loses credibility and trust power will be gone. So we can say that the greater the referent p ower, the lower the use of legitimate pressure (Farell et al.,1999).In this context its enkindle to know close to the balance theory (Heider, 1946) Every individual have some preconceived ideas and perception which remain at his subconscious level. And while get it plays a very important role. The greatest power one has over other is when one is sufficiently intimate to permit other to facilitate, because the relation between influencer and consumer is cohesive.Referent power involvementLets take an example I want to purchase a very expensive notebook computer I have seen advertisement of Dell, hp and Acer now I m confuse I want to buy something g which is very important but I dont have much knowledge what will I do I will not just go an d purchase it from the counter I will go to one of my friend or family member who has knowledge about it I will involve his opinion. But if at the same time I m hungry and I want to buy a sheaf of cookie I will just go to the supermarket and cho ose any packet or may be the one I have been using from the shelf I would not involve others and take opinion from others for get a pack of biscuit. So opinion leader are requisite where there is high purchase involve with no knowledge of product while when low purchase involvement is there I routine take any opinion even if I have less knowledge( Table 1.1)PRODUCT/ PURCHASE INVOLVEMENTProduct knowledgeHighProduct knowledgeLowHIGHModerateHighLowLowModerate(Table 6.1)Consumers, especially gen X, tend to follow their peer what they feel chic and worn by the in crowd (Agins 1999 Spiegler 1996). Here we can see their deep-seated willingness and thirst to belong, often becoming type- and brand-conscious consumers. Now what is trendy is what they drive from word-of- intercommunicate communications. Retail Entrepreneur of the Year, Anne Yuri Namba, has found to be quoted as that her home business was initiated and stimulated entirely by word of mouth. As her fame ranch, so did the dem and for her unusual, highly distinctive fashions (Chain Store Age 2000). Marcus (1999) account that word of mouth plays an very important role along with demographic information when decisions are made in the fashion industry. One can say, fashion demand may be generated by the simultaneous front of local externalities and word-of-mouth communication (Corneo and Olivier 1999).Individual sharing information about with other highly target consumer plays a very critical role on consumer decision and market success. Our friends and relatives are the main source of information, when we are in group we observe their styles, what product they use or by directly asking the opinion. One research shown that half of American agrees that that they often seeks advice of others before making any purchase and 40% feel that people come to them for advice. (Walkes, p 40). The internet has changed the term a little now it can be called Word Of Internet. Where one seek advice from a complete strange r.There are some individual who actively filter, interpret, or provide brand or product information to their family and friends, They are called opinion Leaders they play very strong referent power influence over otherWE just cant credit only referent power touch in purchasing decision of an individual we cant pass anything to them making it look like their group or brand image query have shown that decision to purchase particular product is also influenced by the image and credibility of the companies that market and manufacture consumer products (Lafferty and Goldsmith 1999). If the company is imperiously portrayed, and has a good image consumers generally maintain a positive disposition toward the company and its products. However, if the company has some rumor some estimable or cultural issues in the backyard , less favorable feelings may later on influence whether consumers decide to purchase the companys products (Lee and Bernstein 2000 Ligos 1999).How Much Does It affect During 1996 one rumored was spread about Tommy Hilfiger, stating that company had made some bad remarks African-Americans and Asian which were their stub clients. The rumor was mostly on internet. Hilfiger websites denied the rumor completely and there was call to was call to boycott Tommy Hilfiger clothing, especially in the African-American. TThe strength and labor of the strength of rumor suggested that it will affect the sale of brand in African-American market African-American magazine telling them not to buy who doesnt respect ( Graves 1998) here the referent power was internet, mouth to mouth and magazine community, the whole impact was studied and recorded( kImberly 2001) One implication of these recordings was that the staying power of the rumors had eventually harm sales of the Tommy Hilfiger brand in a plaza target market. Wall street Journal article reported a 28 per cent decrease in sales for the Tommy Hilfiger company (Agins 2001). party denied the rumored took Afr ican-American model and try to recapture the market and used co-ordinated marketing scheme strategically. In retail market consumer is very important and referent power play a very important role Thus retail clothing market should take careful measurements to deletion their image all designers, regardless of popularity, must follow up their image and communications with their consumers. In one of the similar case Reebok has been forced to finish up itself for more than a decade once morest a rumor that company bring up its products in South Africa and supported apartheid ( Turnet 1992). Initially company didnt take much notice and didnt think much of it but later company suffered protests and boycotts and whence company has to come out its forceful campaign Reebok is NOT in South Africa (Kazi-Ferrouillet 1990). And till now company addressed the issue on its website ( influence has been examined in the context of consumer vulnerability to social influence (B earden et al., 1989) where influence is the extent to which an individuals consumer choices are influenced by other people. In notion buying its the cognitive behavior which is seen where a consumer cannot get the information from any one so He doesnt come under informational power but high level of normative influence comes in existence and affect the purchase decision, thus we can say that normative consumer susceptibility to interpersonal influence is positively related to the affective component of impulse buying.When will it effectWe have to understand awards in purchasing decision of a buyersInformation searchRefrent groupInternet searchpromo tame fillingPricingBrand image secure decisionsHe decide to purchaseNeedAwarenessMay be prompted by marketing site buying behavior, Reinforcement from media friends(Diagram 8.1)Stages of Consumer Buying Behavior1. Need Awareness A need may arise or been establish by promotion of a companys marketing. Refrent power here may or may not be very influential2. Information Search Buyers search and ask Internet has made research easier for buyers. He may read on websites of different company .Here referent power play a very important role. As he is seeking the information company may use its influence with promos, handout an updated websites or trial samples distribution3. Check Options Once information is collected customer will evaluate all option he will search for price and company credibility..4. Purchase Decision The last step just sell and close the deals at this moment any influencing may harm. If he is still hesitant u can still press and help your buyers for the best deal.5. identify Buying Behavior Todays marketer knows very well that to go on dedication of a customer is very important as now he himself will be a referent power over the other potential buyers. Even at this stage any negative supporting will bring remorse and he may not recommend it to others.Influence of referent power also depends on a t what stage is a brand once a brand mature its brand image itself is good referent power but at innovation stage a company needs good referent power.9. lastReferent power is very effective in certain cases and marketer should use that power but at the same time they should victuals in mind that for that power to be influential they have to keep certain points in mindReferent power to be effective should bring a connection with the consumer, or he should look up to it or relate to himMessage used by referent power should be used as simple as possible it should not be complex or confusingCelebrity power will be more effective if used repeatedly as it uphold the relationship of brand with that celebrity and so it brings trust in the target audienceWhen choosing a celebrity marketer should be careful that he is already not strongly associated to some other brand or services, but nothing comes without a drawback. If celebrity or your referent power get into negative publicity it bri ngs down with him the product. A wrong selection will tarnish the whole imageReferent power is effective if your target audience is young and not much knowledgeable about the brand or product. Its more affective on one who does not have much knowledge and have low self image It so one can say its most effective with children.Referent power does not only influence at the time of purchasing but also post purchasing as after purchasing a product Consumer look at his influence group for appreciation and even any negative comment at that stage will disheartened him and He may not buy the product againA company should not try to play its own hooter but can bring trust and credibility through awards, media or testimonials of other customersMake a purchase an happy ending for him gap him warranty period or an extended trial period will help in Him becoming a potential referent power over other buyers

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Secundum Atrial Septal Defect: Surgical Closure

Secundum Atrial Septal Defect Surgical auction blockSurgical closure of secundum atrial septal defect in a patient with atrial situs solitus and disrupt inferior mineral vein cava report of 2 fibersKey Words Interrupted inferior venous blood vessel cava, Situs solitus, Atrium septal defects, modified skin incisionAbstractThe occurrence of an cut off inferior vena cava (IVC) in setting of atrial situs solitus is relatively rare. Here, we reported deuce cases of the running(a) closure of secundum atrium septal defects (ASDs) in patients with atrial situs solitus and an interrupted IVC. The first case was a 7-year-old boy with a secundum ASD without the posterior rim whose interrupted IVC and single continuation had been operatively diagnosed by the echocardiography and cardiac catheterization. The operation was safely performed using a large-size venous drainage cannula from the superlative vena cava (SVC). The second case was a 2-year-old boy with a secundum ASD without th e superior rim whose interrupted IVC was non diagnosed at the preoperative examination. The operation was performed through a median partial derivative sternotomy via a 5.0cm express mail skin incision, so direct review of the SVC was not all the way obtained. A cardiorespiratory bypass was established using the recommended size of venous drainage cannulae however, the SVC could not be removed without elevating the SVC pressure. As a result, the ASD was close directly nether sucking the venous return from the SVC without snaring it. Post-operative computed tomography detect an interrupted IVC with azygos continuation and a pertinacity of both supracardinal veins, cognize as a double IVC.IntroductionWhereas an interrupted inferior vena cava (IVC) because of the absence of its hepatic separate is mainly noted in patients with switch syndrome, the occurrence of an interrupted IVC within the atrial situs solitus is reported as ranging from 0.08 to 0.1% 1,2,3. In these patien ts, cardiac malformations are frequently associated, and the main types of abnormalities include atrial septal defects (ASDs, 10.5 %) and ventricular septal defects (7.5 %) 1.Although this general venous anomalousness provides no symptoms by itself, it seems to be relevant in cardiac surgery, especially in procedures that control approaches through the right atrium. Here, we reported two cases of the surgical closure of secundum ASD in patients with atrial situs solitus and interrupted IVC, focusing on perioperative findings and associated issues.CaseCase 1A clinically asymptomatic 7-year-old boy (body weight, 22 kg height, cxxv cm) with an ASD secundum, which was detected at the age of 10 months, was admitted for surgical closure of the lesion. blind ASD closure by catheter intervention was contraindicated because of the absence of the posterior rim. Preoperative echocardiography revealed an atrial venous sinus solitus with an 18 by 21-mm ASD secundum without the posterior rim and relative valvular pulmonary stenosis. Also, interrupted IVC was suspected because drainage of the IVC into the right atrium was not detected. cardiac catheterization to assess the indication for surgical pulmonary valvotomy showed a systemic and pulmonary blood flow ratio of 3.14 and pull-buck pressure gradient of 10 mmHg from the right ventricle to the main pulmonary artery. Furthermore, no hepatic segment of the IVC was detected thus, an interrupted IVC with azygos continuation was confirmed (Fig. 1).Through the median full sternotomy, a cardiopulmonary bypass was established using arterial cannulation through ascending aorta perfusion with a 16-Fr cannula and venous drainage from the superior vena cava (SVC) and the hepatic vein using 28 and 20 Fr cannulae, whereas recommended cannulae sizes were 20 and 24 Fr, respectively. The ASD secundum was closed directly through the right atriotomy under moderate hypothermia and cardioplegic arrest. The operation was immaculate withou t any issues.Case 2A clinically asymptomatic 2-year-old boy (body weight, 10 kg height, 81 cm) had late been diagnosed with a large ASD secundum without the superior rim. Further examination revealed an atrial sinus solitus, an 18 by 18-mm ASD secundum without the superior rim, and a bicuspid aortic valve. However, an interrupted IVC was not diagnosed.Through a median partial sternotomy via a special skin incision (50mm in length), a cardiopulmonary bypass was established using arterial cannulation through ascending aorta perfusion with a 12-Fr cannula and venous drainage from the SVC and hepatic vein, although it was thought to be an IVC at that time, using the recommended sizes of 16 and 18 Fr cannulae. During the surgery, the SVC was attempted to be snared, but it could not be because of the elevating SVC pressure. The depth of cannula and the location of snaring were repeatedly changed without resolving this issue therefore, the SVC was left without creation snared. The ASD s ecundum was closed directly under moderate hypothermia and cardioplegic arrest with sucking the venous return from the SVC. Weaning off from cardiopulmonary bypass was uneventful, and the operation was completed without any issues. Post-operative computed tomography showed an interrupted IVC with azygos continuation and a persistence of both supracardinal veins, known as double IVC (Fig. 2).On medical check-up at the outpatient clinic one year after discharge, advanced sick sinus syndrome was detected by electrocardiography. 24-Hour Holter electrocardiography monitoring showed that the total number of midriff beat was 142,036 per day, 8 beats of isolated premature atrial contractions, and had no evidence of premature ventricular contractions or more than 2.5 seconds of sinus point.DiscussionLike the first presented case, an interrupted IVC with azygos continuation can usually be diagnosed by preoperative echocardiography 1, which can be easily treated at the establishment of a car diopulmonary bypass by selecting adequately-sized venous cannulae. If it is not preoperatively diagnosed, direct intra-operative inspection usually makes the diagnosis possible. However, the cosmetic outcome must be taken into consideration during surgical ASD repair as well as fixate defect closure after the popularization of percutaneous device closure, analogous in the second case. Therefore, a limited skin incision with partial sternotomy was selected for this patient, which unfortunately interrupted clear observation of the SVC.Selection of large sized SVC drainage cannula should have been considered first during inadequate venous drainage, however, which was deferred because the total cardiopulmonary bypass was easily established as long as the SVC was not snared. As is our policy, the IVC is not snared during the closing of the ASD secundum in order to obtain a certain identification of the posterior rim. Therefore, the tip of the IVC drainage cannula was positioned at the IVC nigh the right atrial junction for sufficient drainage of both the IVC and hepatic venous blood flow. As a result, such a designate enabled the establishment of a total cardiopulmonary bypass with small-sized SVC drainage cannula and last large hepatic vein cannula.As shown in Case 2, an infatuated IVC is known to accompany various rhythm disorders, though only a few cases have been reported 4,5. One of the causes of rhythm disorders is the degeneration of the atrial muscle around the sinus node, which might occur as a result of a local volume overload on the sinus node by the presence of azygos continuation. Although the total number of heart beats was well maintained and more than 2.5 seconds of a sinus pose was not observed until now, a scheduled follow-up was mandatory for archaeozoic detection of further advancement of the sinus node dysfunction.In summary, two surgical experiences of secundum ASD associated with an interrupted IVC with azygos continuation were report ed. Under partial sternotomy via limited skin incision, precautions should be taken to detect the presence of this venous anomaly if venous drainage from the SVC is not adequately obtained using cannula of the recommended size.

Impact of the Discovery of Homo Floresiensis

pertain of the Discovery of gentlemans gentleman being FloresiensisThe discovery of humanity Floresiensis has pro plunge implications for what it message to be military man race it raises forefronts ab tabu the drollness of merciful lineage which is the erectation of our smart set and our devotions.The three great problems for nineteenth century ethnology and prehistory were identified by Latham in Man and his Migrations (1851) as the unity or non-unity of the human species its antiquity and its geographical origin. This shortlist has digited the basis for re hunt club into human origins invariably since. The ambiguity surrounding each unbelief has been reduced to every coevalss satis accompanimention, then thrown open again as changes in opinion about the terra firma and its people acquit lead to revisions. This rotary process has provided the spur to fieldwork and the development of innovative techniques of classification, analysis and dating.Latham was wri ting at an interesting conviction in scientific progress of view, eight historic period forrader the Origin of Species was published. This was the foundation text for the biogeography of Darwin and W each(prenominal)ace which accounted for the distri only(prenominal) whenion of life on the plant. The importance of these studies was their contri moreoverion to the scientific investigation of variation via the principle of native selection. Individuals were the units under selection with the evolutionary results measured by their protestential procreative contribution to the next generation.The notion of a cradle for mankind, a decided geographical centre for human origins, is an ancient idea. The Garden of Eden is the surpass know example. Adam and Eve might be replaced, as they were in the last century, but the idea of an ancestral homeland move. The study of human origins now starts from a very different set of assumptions than it did when Latham penned his three question s. It is desirewise extremely hearty-informed about process and patterns in the data compargond to virtuoso hundred fifty geezerhood ag wizard. The celebration of progress has fallen from the agenda. Living peoples be no longer regarded as living representatives of a g genius which the Western world once possessed. But for all these apparently fundamental changes the questions on the agenda remain the similar. Why should the study of human evolution be restricted, because of the search for cradles, to some continents.What it means to be humanThe fascination with charitys African origins, singular or otherwisewise, remains unabated. Great strides in arrangement the development of red-brick human beings are soon being interpreted at the very southern tip of Africa. enchantment much of the squash attention over the past few decades has been on the scholarly tump over on whether human race evolved once in Africa, universally cognise as the Out of Africa supposition , or several times all over the world, the multiregional guess, a quiet revolution has occurred centred on what it means to be human (Stringer and Gamble, 1993). deep down twentieth century archaeology and palaeontology, in all likelihood since the discovery of the Lascaux Caves in France, archaeologists be possessed of continually believed that, while anatomically modern Homo sapiens evolved someplace mingled with 100,000-150,000 eld ago, domain didnt actually develop modern behaviours and thought processes until around 50,000-40,000 years ago (Wood, 1992). This event, known in some scientific circles as the creative explosion, was announced by what enquiryers saw as an precipitate blossoming of symbolic thought the ability to identify and create representations of entities. Thus, tally to the creative explosion surmise, H. sapiens displayed a recognisable intelligence same to other humanity of the time, identifiable by the counteract artwork at Lascaux. notwithst anding evidence of the initiation of modern human behaviour is alleged to take on fishing, the manufacture of work up tools, and the use of decoration. Following the initial interest in Africa during the other(a) decades of the twentieth century, the majority of archaeological query moved to atomic moment 63. The enkindle concentration on the visible prehistory of Europe, including both cave and portative artwork, resulted in a deficit of explore into human origins in Africa. The research of the past forty years has indeed been remarkable in yielding up a great mevery fogy and heathen remains from a broad range of African environments. After a period of sex act neglect, however, increasing attention was being given to the biological and behavioural changes that led to the evolution of H. sapiens, the last major even in human evolution. The enjoyment of archaeological research into the early prehistory of Africa was trumpeted by the archaeologist Desmond Clark in the Huxl ey Memorial Lecture of 1974. Titles Africa in prehistory peripheral or dominant? it pointed to the overwhelming evidence from Africa for the origin of hominids, which overthrew the previous view that the history of Europe is emphatically the prehistory of humanity. (Clark,1975). Eventually, evidence of an earlier flourishing of the creative intellect began to appear, south of the Zambezi River, and date to the Mesolithic, the earliest date approximating 70,000 years ago. Similar artifact assemblages known as Howiesons Poort and Still Bay had been found at sites much(prenominal) as the Klasies River Caves, Boomplaas, and Die Kelders Cave I in South Africa (Grine et al., 2000). These sites include cultivate bone tools, backed blades, a careful selection of in the altogether hooey for stone tools and the use of a punch technique however, close to of these were controversial in one respect or another, until the discovery of Blombos Cave. enquiry into the Blombos Cave assemblages have been under taken since 1991, and artefacts identified have include sophisticate bone and stone tools, fish bones, and an abundance of utilise ochre (Leakey and Lewin, 1993). Ochre has no known economic function, and it is virtually universally accepted as a source of colour for ceremonial, decorative purposes. The Blombos Cave layers containing used ochre are dated 70,000 to 80,000 years BP, and, in 2004, a cluster of deliberately pierce and red-stained shell beads dating to the Mesolithic was found (Aiello and Dean, 1990). Without any self-evident practical purpose these artefacts are currently interpreted as ad hominem ornaments or jewellery, possibly belonging to the occupants of Blombos. The nigh persuasive variant of these finds, and many others throughout Africa, within the parameters imposed by previous and current discoveries and research, is that the step-up of the human symbolic thought was a slow process that continued throughout the Mesolithic in Africa. Sy mbolism, and its deliberate representation, is a phenomenon antecedently unrecognisable in any extant species other than H. sapiens, scorn the genetic and predominantly behavioural alike(p)ity amid humans and other primates, and can therefrom be interpreted as a distinctly human property (Spencer, 1876-96).Symbolism, in all its forms, however has not always been strictly the fringe benefit of H. sapiens. Many investigators of Neanderthal culture believe that H. neanderthalensis was the earliest species of hominid to ceremonially bury their jobless, and important evidence to backup man this statement originates from Shanidar Cave, located in the Zagros Mountains of northern Iraq (Solecki, 1971). Between 1951 and 1960, gibes in and around the mouth of the cave were undertaken, allowing the convalescence of a range of Mousterian tools, and the analysis of eight sepultures, relating to the remains of seven adults and one child. While 4 of these individuals appear to have be en killed by rockfalls, four others whitethorn have been deliberately buried (Gargett, 1989). Soil samples taken around one accompaniment inhumation, known as Shanidar IV, discontinueed the presence of pollen grains and small amounts of vegetable matter. While there was very little pollen in most of the soil samples taken around the skeleton, two samples from the burial itself contained a large number of pollen grains representing a total of 28 plant species (Leakey and Lewin, 1993). This evidence was used to support the hypothesis that more than 50,000 years ago the body was deliberately and religious riteistically buried on a bed of woody branches and flowers sometime during the months of May through July, during the peak season for the plant species. Excavations of the cave over the next decade yielded cultural data as well as skeletal remains of fondness Palaeolithic Neanderthals and Proto-Neolithic modern humans, representing two periods renowned for the scarcity of such physical (Solecki, 1975). According to subsequent research, the Neanderthal and Proto-Neolithic people of Shanidar Cave potentially followed culturally-defined methods for burial their dead in a base camp, possibly increasing the groups ties to a traditional home site. They practiced both primary burial (interment of a mostly intact body shortly aft(prenominal) death) and secondary burial (final interment of disarrayed or isolated bones or of a body that had underdone for(p) some other burial process as a first stage) (Aiello and Dean, 1990). Offerings placed in the hard included bead ornaments and fictitious favoured personal objects, but no obvious symbols of rank. The classification of substantives included reveals an coarse long-distance exchange trade, and the mortuary practices are comparable to those of other modern Near Eastern cultures (Leakey and Lewin, 1993 Solecki et al., 2004). The material culture of the cave and the surrounding Zagros athletic field is charac terized by chipped stone industry and such innovations as a variety of ground stone tools, worked bone tools and abundant personal ornaments. These suggest growth cultural richness and elaboration, a semi-sedentary lifestyle and a mixed subsistence system based both on wild species of plants and animals and early domesticates (Gargett, 1989). Though the interpretation of deliberate and ritualistic H. neanderthalensis burials remains contentious, with opponents suggesting the presence of flower pollen within the grave is a result not of deliberate adornment of the corpse but of the accidental deposition of flower and plant matter from burrowing rodents, until the theory of ritualistic burial is conclusively disproved it remains a highly persuasive hypothesis for cross-species traits of humanity. Although much has been do of the Neanderthals burial of their dead, their burials were less elaborate than those of anatomically modern humans. The interpretation of the Shanidar IV burial s as including flowers, and therefore being a form of ritual burial, potentially evidence for the acknowledgement of a theoretical afterlife, has been questioned (Sommer, 1999). In some graphemes Neanderthal burials include grave goods such as bison and aurochs bones, tools, and the pigment ochre. Neanderthals performed a sophisticated set of tasks normally associated with humans alone. For example, they constructed tortuous shelters, controlled fire, and skinned animals. Particularly intriguing is a hollowed-out bear femur with four holes in the diatonic scale deliberately bored into it. Estimated to date at close to 43,ooo up to 82,ooo years old, this pinch was found in westward Slovenia in 1995 near a Mousterian Era h human beings used by Neanderthals. Its significance is comfort a matter of dispute, however, its spotless fit to jaw modern and antique diatonic scales implies the deliberate manufacturing of a musical strike out making device (Aiello and Dean, 1990). Musi c beyond the percussive, in addition to ritual and symbolism, is another previously assumed trait of H. sapiens alone, and the Slovenian flute suggests a rethink of what it means to be human whitethorn be required.Similarly, the concept of prolonged care of community individuals is a trait ordinarily attributed to the H. sapiens species. While other species present evidence of a rudimentary form of care, the deliberate attention paid to the prolonging of life of an individual with no primitive value to a community, such as providing nutrition to an old community member for an extended period of time, is peculiarity associated primarily with H. sapiens. It has been previously believed that this trait, in addition to being singular to the human race, can be interpreted as a definition of what it means to be human. However, similar to the evidence presented above, there has been strongly influential evidence of care in the community from Neanderthal societies. Following a 6 year exc avation season beginning in 1899, the site of the Krapina caves, Republic of Croatia, yielded a number of osteological Neanderthal specimens. Radiographs undertaken in 1997 indicated a number of surprising conclusions. While the overall picture of Neanderthal health, based on the radiographs, was impressive, not all the specimens showed perfect health. Archaeologists were able to document one of the earliest benign bone tumours ever discovered and identified, and one individual whitethorn have had a running(a) amputation of his hand (Leakey and Lewin, 1993). In addition, several individuals had examples of osteoarthritis ranging in severity, and it is suggested that the extended choice of these individuals following surgery or the onset of debilitating arthropathies indicates a sophisticated level of care from the healthy population.Humans are a hitting anomaly in the natural world. While we are similar to other mammals in many ways, our behaviour sets us apart. Our unparalleled ability to hold has allowed us to occupy virtually every habitat on earth using an incredible variety of tools and subsistence techniques. Our societies are larger, more hard, and more accommodative than any other mammals. Evolutionists, and scientists from other fields of study, argue that totally a Darwinian theory of cultural evolution can explain these unique characteristics. The twentieth century is offering a radical interpretation of human evolution, arguing that Homo sapiens ecological dominance and singular amicable systems stem from a psychology uniquely adapted to create complex culture. Richerson and Boyd (2004) illustrate that culture is neither superorganic nor the handmaiden of the genes. Rather, it is essential to human adaptation, as much a part of human biology as biped locomotion. Drawing on work in the fields of anthropology, political science, sociology, and economics, Richerson and Boyd (2004) convincingly attest that culture and biology are inextricably linked, and their interaction yields a richer understanding of human nature.Discovery of Homo floresiensisCurrently, it is largely accepted that only one hominid genus, Homo, was present in Pleistocene Asia, represented by two species, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens. Both species are characterized by greater school principal size, increased body height and smaller teeth congeneric to the Pliocene Australopithecus genus present in Africa (Brown et al., 2004). But it was the most spectacular fossil find of a generation that has marked twentieth century studies into human evolution. The discovery that a mysterious and apparently ingenious human species whitethorn have shared the planet with our own less than 15,000 years ago captured the imagination of palaeontologists and public alike. Excavations at Liang Bua, a large limestone cave on the island of Flores in eastern Indonesia, have yielded evidence for a population of flyspeck hominids, sufficiently distinct anatomically to b e assigned to a new species, Homo floresiensis (Morwood et al., 2004). An excavation team under the leadership of Australian and Indonesian scientists have unearthed the remains of eight human beings of relatively restricted superlative and reduced brilliance people, comparative to previously understood parameters for anatomically modern humans. In recognition of the combination of primitive and derived features, and their subsequently assumed positioning as a species distinct from Homo sapiens, the fossils were ascribed the name Homo floresiensis (Flores Man) after the island on which they were discovered.One skeleton, estimated to be that of a woman in her 30s and work out to be more or less 18,000 years old, was only 1 metre tall, and the endocranial volume of the skeleton in question was a mere 380 cc, significant as it may be regarded as small even for a chimpanzee (Beals et al., 1984) and equal to the smallest-known australopithecines (Brown, et al., 2004). Investigation s into the specimens, estimated to belong to at least eight individuals, show that H. floresiensis dwell the cave at Liang Bua for an extended period of time ranging between 95,000 and 12,000 years ago. The common opinion of the archaeologists responsible for examining the tools and animal bones unearthed in the cave is that H. floresiensis individuals introduceed complex behaviour requiring the capacity for speech, and can therefore be regarded as social and intelligent human beings with creative ability. Stones carved and sharpened for particular purposes, and animal bones discovered in the cave, indicate that these people were booming hunters, capable of catching animals larger than themselves, and associated deposits contain stone artefacts and animal remains, including Komodo dragon and an indigenous, dwarfed species of Stegodon. on that point has been some speculation that the stone tools found with it were actually do by Homo sapiens, mainly because it is hard to belie ve a cock with such a small caput could make such sophisticated stone tools. There is no other evidence in support of this, however, and if it were not for the small brain size, there would be no indecision about assuming floresiensis made the tools because of the close association between the tools and the fossils. The same tools are found through the entire deposit (from 90,000 to 13,000 years ago) and, interestingly, they are not like any stone tools made by Homo erectus (Kaifu et al., 2005).The finds comprise the cranial and some post-cranial remains of one individual, as well as a premolar from another individual in honest-to-goodness deposits. Dating by radiocarbon (C14), luminescence, uranium-series and electron spin resonance (ESR) methods indicates that H. floresiensis existed from before 38,000 years ago (kyr) until at least 18kyr (reference). It is alleged, with much research still provided to be undertaken, that H. floresiensis originated from an early dispersal of Homo erectus, including specimens referred to as Homo ergaster and Homo georgicus, that reached Flores, and then survived on this island refuge until relatively recently. The most likely explanation for its populace on Flores is long-term isolation, with subsequent endemic dwarfing. H. floresiensis overlapped significantly in time with Homo sapiens in the region, however, interactions between the two species currently remain unknown. Importantly, H. floresiensis shows that the genus Homo is morphologically more alter and flexible in its adaptive responses than previously thought (reference). The finds provided discuss that H. floresiensis was not simply an aberrant or pathological individual, thereby interpretable as anomalous and inconsequential within the field of human evolution, but is representative of a long-term population that was present on the island for approximately 80,000 years.According to the dwarfism scenario, it is assumed that the H. floresiensis line descende d from Homo erectus. The justification for that belief, however, is currently experiencing much debate within the archaeological academic arena, and relies on the equivalence between tool assemblages uncovered from the Liang Bua cave, and thus associated with H. floresiensis, and a series of assemblages report by Morwood in 1998, and dating to approximately 800,000 BP (Morwood et al., 1998). The similarities between these assemblages resulted in the assumption that H. floresiensis was a descendent of the manufacturer of the older collection of tools, H. erectus. H. floresiensis facial var. also generally resembles that of H. erectus, and, in addition, the East Asia region in which the island lies is one of the regions where H. erectus was extant for a long period. One article published in Science journal in 1996 listed evidence that H. erectus had survived on Java, an Indonesian island like Flores, until as recently as 27,000 years ago. (Swisher et al., 1996)Implications Society, religion and politics disrespect an academic and generic fascination with the process of human evolution, the creationist arguments in racket with evolutionary research remain influential. According to many creationist proponents, the reason why scientists have elected to give the fossils in question the name H. floresiensis is that researchers, who have accepted the idea that humans initially developed through evolution, cannot generate to imply a hypothesis that does not accord with the evolutionary invention they have presented. Evolutionists are accused of naming old human races by a methodology that relies on exaggerated interpretation of the variations presented between hominids, and in comparison with anatomically modern man, and thus results the declaration of the fossils as a new species. According to current creationist advocates, the H. floresiensis fossils are also a product of this methodology, and their description as a new species rests solely on evolutionist prec onceptions. predominate creationists have gone further to attest that the description of H. floresiensis as a new human species provides no support at all for the theory of evolution, but, on the contrary, reveals how forced the claims regarding it actually are (reference).The concept of the biological species is used in the present day for organisms included in the same form that are able to mate and successfully produce healthy offspring. This definition is based on mutual reproducibility as setting out the boundary criterion between species. According to creationist proponents, however, there is no means of knowing, simply by analysing and categorising the fossilised bones of organisms that lived in the past, which were able to be sick with which. Classification based on degrees of similarities between bones, and the variations exhibited among these, may not reveal scientifically definite conclusions as some species, such as the dog, exhibit wide variation, others, such as the cheetah, are known to exhibit only narrow variation. Accordingly, when fossils belonging to extinct species are discovered, creationists attest, the variation observed may stem from one of two reasons. This variation either belongs to a species exhibiting wide variation or to a few get out species exhibiting narrow variation, yet there is no way of knowing which of the two actually applies. Indeed, Alan Walker, palaeoanthropologist and evolutionist, admits this fact by claiming that one cannot know whether or not a fossil is representative of the community to which it belongs. He further states that one cannot know whether it comes from one of the ends of the species range, or from somewhere in the middle (Locke, 1999).Evolutionists define the H. floresiensis fossils as a separate species, and regard its small endocranial volume and short skeleton as characteristics of that species. However, creationists contest this by asserting that individuals may not carry all the features in the population gene pool, and, therefore, the features exhibited by individuals may not be those generally exhibited in a given population. Therefore, the smaller the quantity of fossils analysed the greater the risk of error in assuming that their features are those of the general population. Locke (1999) has elucidated this with a simple analogy if a palaeoanthropologist of the future discovers bones belonging to a professional basketball player, then twenty-first century man may well seem to have been a giant species. He further stated that if the skeleton belongs to a jockey, on the other hand, then humans will seem to have been short and lightweight bipeds (Locke, 1999). According to creationists, therefore, the definition of H. floresiensis as a separate species based on its small brain volume and short skeleton, and the assumption that all individuals possessed those same features, is a mistake, and that these fossils may well be regarded as variations seen in old human races living at that time.In relative support for the creationist viewpoint, the real wonder for evolutionists came from learning that a hominid with such a small brain volume lived not one million million millions of years ago but only 18,000 years BP. Chris Stringer, from Londons Natural History Museum, admits this surprise to the archaeological community that the very institution of a creature with a brain the size of a chimpanzees, but apparently a tool-maker and hunter, and perhaps descended from the worlds first mariners, illustrates how little is currently known about human evolution (Wood, 1992). Peter Brown, one of the leaders of the research team at Liang Bua, describes the bewilderment within academic circles as a result of the cranial measurements, and admits that H. floresiensis is totally incompatible with evolutionary accounts that small superlative is easy to accommodate within the evolutionary theories, but small brain size is a bigger problem to account for. Accordi ng to the creationist theory advocates, the evolutionists own statements reflect the heavy blow the fossil in question has dealt to the illusory scenario of human evolution (Wood, 1992).The confusion with regards to the interpretations of H. floresiensis is not restricted to the disparities in hypotheses between evolutionists and creationists. Scientists have been unravelling the mysteries of when early hominids first left Africa, where they went, how many hominid species there were, and how they relate to modern humans, for more than a century. The H. erectus skull recently found in Indonesia adds a valuable piece to the fossil record, but scientists differ about where it fits in the human family tree. One particular specimen of cranium, known as Sambungmacan 4 (Sm 4), was found in the Sambungmacan district of central Java, Indonesia. It is that of a middle-aged or slightly younger male Homo erectus who had probably suffered and recovered from head wounds. Two partial skulls and th e fragment of a shin bone had previously been discovered in the area. It is assumed that H. erectus, and perhaps other early hominid species, began leaving Africa approximately 2 million years ago, and fossil remains have been found in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, indicating a far-flung global distribution of individuals and communities. In addition to the media-friendly discovery of H. floresiensis, given the last name of The Hobbit by the press, Indonesia, an island nation in southeast Asia, is the site of some of the earliest Homo erectus remains yet found. The relatively abundant fossil material provides scientists with an opportunity to study the evolution of the species and how it relates to modern humans. Anthropologists from the National Science Museum in Tokyo, analyzed the Sm 4 skull using digital visualization techniques, and compared it with other skulls found in Java. It is argued that morphological characteristics of early H. erectus in Java, represented by fos sil finds from Trinil/Sangiran, more closely resemble those of modern humans (Baba et al., 2003). fossil material from Ngandong, which has been dated to anywhere between 25,000 to 50,000 years old, suggests that Java H. erectus had gone off on an evolutionary tangent of its own, developing distinct features that are not shared by modern humans. It is concluded by this research that Javanese populations became progressively more isolated from other Asian H. erectus populations, and made minimal contributions to the ancestry of modern humans (Kaifu et al., 2005).At one time scientists considered it possible that modern humans were the direct descendants of Asian Homo erectus. That idea has been discarded by many scientists who now think that while African H. erectus may be ancestral to H. sapiens, Asian H. erectus was an evolutionary dead end, similar to earlier theories regarding H. neanderthalensis, rather than the immediate precursor to modern humans (Kaifu et al., 2005). However, debate continues and other specialists believe that the African version of H. erectus is dissimilar profuse to belong in a separate species category called Homo ergaster. The geologic complexity of the Indonesian islands makes precise dating of the fossil material demanding and controversial. Fossils found at Trinil and Sangiran range in age from approximately 1.8 million years old to maybe as young as 780,000 years old (Swisher et al., 1996). Comparatively, fossils found at Ngandong have been dated at approximately 50,000 years old. The Sm 4 specimen is believed to fit somewhere between these two groups in age, and therefore may be contemporary with H. sapiens. The doubt of Sm 4s age lies in part with current disagreement as to whether or not all fossils from Sambungmacan represent a single beast or are composites being derived from various age strata. Whether there is complete going between the early fossils and the subsequent fossils that they should be considered two sep arate species or a sub-species is also controversial. Based on variations in skull shape, and a lack of diversity among Javanese populations living 25,000 to 50,000 years ago, it has been concluded that Sm 4 is a transitional form, an evolutionary step taking the later Javanese populations farther away from classical Homo erectus remains found at Trinil and Sangiran (Baba et al., 2003). However, this conclusions is debated on the basis that the larger brain sizes of later materials, fossils dated at 25,000 to 50,000 years ago, are different enough that they should be considered a different species or at least sub-species. Sm 4 phenotypically appears to be a lot of the other material found in Indonesia. The material is morphologically very consistent, and shows continuity within Indonesian Homo erectus. There are some features, particularly around the jaw joint that may be unique to the Ngandong fossils, however it is not clear whether the features are taxonomically significant or us eful as species indicators (Baba et al., 2003).The disparities in the skulls seen in Indonesia may be a function of normal variability in any species, illustrated particularly well when considering the variations in height between normal humans and those suffering from achondroplasia both remain within the species of H. sapiens, however difference in stature can be remarkable.The claim by Desmond Morris, that the existence of The Hobbit, or H. floresiensis should destroy religion (Tattersall, 1986), is one which has been made before. Indeed, Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, still cannot understand why religion survived Darwin (Tattersall, 1986). Yet as science progresses, despite the decline of allegiance to traditional Christian churches in Western Europe, religion continues to grow world-wide in many different forms. Contemporary science, far from solvent every question, often highlights the big questions which are central to human existence. This is the case with the d iscovery of LB1, the 18,000-year-old specimen of the new species Homo floresiensis. The find of this so-called Hobbit on Flores Island excites many academics within many fields, not least archaeology and theology, as it poses the unresolved question of what it means to be human. LB1 becomes part of this contemporary question alongside developments in science, su

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The Yokes on Them :: Narrative Memoir Essays

The Yokes on ThemA great man one time said nothing beats green nut and ham. That man was surface-to-air missile I am. There are many things you can do with eggs turn them green, hide them, or even throw themIt any started on a warm fall day. I woke up saying to myself, What a lovely day to be alive Well not exactly, that I was feeling pretty good. I crawled out of bed and walked excitedly toward the living room. I then jumped on the rove and turned on Sports Center. I feel that every guy needs to recap on what happened in the sports world the previous day. As I watched Sports Center, the phone rings. At this point Im not too happy because I have to put up up from my daily ritual, and answer the phone.Hello, I answered.Hey man boodle Davis said.Whats goin on? I responded.I continued to talk to my good friend, Cole, on the phone. I told him that sports Center was almost over, and he should come up and we would get in out something to do. I laid back down on the couch and began to waiting for him. About 20 minutes later Cole showed up at my house with a huge smile on his face. We twain sit down and start watching a teentsy BET. alone of sudden he turned to me and said, I have an idea seem interested, I said, Whats that?Tonight, well egg the cops.I laughed hard and dogged to go on with his plan. We decided that this would go down later that night, and we would call Tyler and Shaklee to see if they cute to join us.It was now about 11 o clock a.m., and we had about 12 hours to kill before we took out plan into action. We decided to do tote that normal kids would do to pass the time. We played a little basketball, had an apple throwing contest and pretty much just shot the bull. While we passed the time, we decided to call Tyler. Hey man, I said.Tyler answers, Whats crackn?I responded, Not too much. Cole D. and I were wondering if you wanted to join us on a little escapade this evening?Why the hell not? Carver shouted.Alright, pucker us at City Marke t at 10 p.m. sharp, and assure Shaklee the same.Peace Tyler said.Well 10 o clock rolled around and we all met at City Market.