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Human Nature, Unethical Behavior, Ethical Behavior And Work

For an organization to survive in today’s environment it must find ways to remain competitive. Some organizations focus their energy on a marketing campaign to better a product, while others have realized their employees are its most important asset. While this notion does not clearly identify a right or wrong answer, it does highlight the new idea of an ethical work force. According to Business Ethics, â€Å"ethics is the set of principles a person uses to determine whether an action is good or bad† (Collins, 2012). While some would argue the greatest achievement in longevity is a strong bottom line, others state by forging a strong correlation between ethical behavior and work habits, employees are less likely to participate in workplace misconduct. This essay identifies the direct correlation with longevity and an ethical work force. So does ethical behavior matter in the work place? There are six items in chapter one and four of Business Ethics that identify ethical behavior and its importance in the work place. Such topics include: human nature, unethical behavior, ethical behavior and its competitive edge, code of ethics vs. code of conduct, creating a code of ethics, and connecting the code of ethics to strategic planning. Scholars have pondered the notion of human nature for centuries trying to find a single phrase. Unfortunately this has produced four ideas instead of one. According to Business Ethics, â€Å"human nature can be categorized into four areas: infants areShow MoreRelatedEst1 Task21159 Words   |  5 Pagesconstrued as harmful to the company or its employees or (B) cause negative public reactions that could impact Company X customers or customer relations in adverse ways. You are a Company X representative during work hours and during off work hours. Violations of Company X rules of acceptable behavior will be viewed as misconduct, which upon review can constitute immediate suspension. Pending further review and investigation some violations may result in termination. The following section is not an all-Read MoreA Paper on Ethics1255 Words   |  5 PagesEthics Introduction There are a variety of different ethical systems that have developed of the course of millennia. However, even though the subject has been covered so thoroughly, it is still heavily debated. The varieties of ethical systems that are in existence look at various ethical problems from different perspectives and can be applied differently in different circumstances. Because of the subjective aspects to applying ethics, they can be as much an art as they are a science. EthicsRead MoreThe Ethics Of Ethical Behavior1491 Words   |  6 Pages Ethics can be described as the ideals and principles considered by individuals when determining acceptable behavior. Many individuals take into account socially established normalities and expectations when examining their own behavior. However, I find my ideals to be tied to Jean Paul Sartre’s existential views which assert that ethical behavior should be rooted in one’s personal ration ­alizations and a person’s actions shoul d reflect free agency. Existentialism is a theory that stresses choiceRead MoreEthical Issues With Ethical Marketing Essay1333 Words   |  6 PagesIssues with Ethical Marketing Ethical problems in marketing starts with conflicts and disagreements. Each party in the marketing transaction brings expectations of how the business relationship will exist and how the transaction should be conducted. Some ethical problems in marketing research aren’t always the invasion of privacy and stereotyping. Selective marketing is used to discourage the demand from undesirable markets or just by disenfranchising them altogether. Examples of unethical market isRead MoreBiography Of Bernie Ebbers, The Founder Of Worldcom Essay1502 Words   |  7 PagesBernie Ebbers, the founder of WorldCom was highly ambitious and aggressive with an entrepreneurial nature. He demonstrated the transformational and charismatic leadership qualities that inspire people and cause them to be loyal followers. These people usually have singleness of purpose and are disciplined. Since most people have a desire to be led, Ebbers filled that need, coupled with the fact that he created tremendous wealth that many executives and employees benefited from. He was charming andRead MoreThe Ethical Practices Of Managers And Co Workers1400 Words   |  6 Pageshuge positive or negative affect it has on a company’s success. It is evident that people are influenced by those around them; celebrities, politics, peers, and superiors are just a few examples to claim. The ethical practices of managers and co-workers are influential to the employees who work for and with them and should demonstrate the conduct which the company would like to be known for in the public eye because of the potential gains and competitive benefit of morally sound employees who are dedicatedRead MoreEthical Violations in the Field of Law Enforcement1396 Words   |  6 PagesIn this country we are seeing an increase in ethical violations in the field of law enforcement. I will go into detail about some of the main ethical issues we are seeing today and what can be done to prevent such acts from happeni ng. When one officer is being unethical it has a huge effect on how the public views law enforcement as a whole. Many officers go undetected for a long time before getting caught, but an officer committing ethical violations will have their day it’s just a matter of timeRead MoreEthical Principles, Morals And Values Of A Company Or Organization Essay1612 Words   |  7 Pagesimplemented to educate employees on the ethical principles, morals and values of a company or organization. Organizations such as the National Association for Social Workers (NASW), and the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS) have ethical codes in place for individuals working within the Human Services field. The American Psychological Association (APA) have ethical principles for psychologists. Furthermore, journalist’s and corporations have ethical codes they must follow, yet their codesRead MoreThe Dynamics of People and Organizations1655 Words   |  7 PagesChapter 1 The Dynamics of People and Organizations Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how people – as individuals and as groups – act within organizations. Organizational Behavior is a scientific discipline in which a large number of research studies and conceptual developments are constantly adding to its knowledge base. Goals of Organizational Behavior (Most Sciences share four goals) * Describe (How people behave under a varietyRead MoreThe Ethics Of An Unethical Business Practice1370 Words   |  6 Pagesorganizations such as nature conservationists and endangered species activists would feel inclined to take legal action. A public lawsuit would put the company in route to significant financial losses across the board, from boycotting clients, judge ordered reparations and ongoing sanctions that would change how their operations are implemented going forward. The results of an unethical business practice can only come forth if the head of the entity decides to turn a blind eye to what is happening

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